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This page keeps track of the road to manufacturing the Xué camera.


[edit] Hardware

Item Description Planned End date Status
Schematics, KiCad Version Git repository. Oct. 3th Almost finished
BOM Check Xué BOM needed to be initially released by Andrés Calderón, then estimate bom cost Oct. 9th In Progress
Schematics Reviewing Collects Comments from list. Oct. 9th Not Started
Footprint Review Oct. 16th Almost finished
PCB Layout Oct. 9th Almost finished
Gerber-Out to PCB maker Make PCBs TBD Not Started
AI File Generation For SMT process TBD Not Started
PCB Back Check Confirm PCB quality TBD Not Started
Stencil Making For SMT TBD Not Started
SMT & DIP Process Process in Manufacturer TBD Not Started
Initial Test Easy Power Voltage & Signals check Not start

[edit] Packaging Materials

Item Description Planned End date Status
Box Not Started
Anti-static Bag Not Started
Accessories decide about accessories: USB cable? others? Not Started

[edit] Production

Item Description Planned End date Status
Production Test Plan Plan of initial test procedure, Flow Chart & Work Instructions of Test Stations 2 weeks Not Started

[edit] Software

Item Description Planned Start date Status
Official Sources & Images Not Started
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