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David Reyes Samblas Martinez (at tuxbrain.com) wishes (email):

So here I go: For "final user" oriented I mean that we can use the camera as handheld camera also than network camera, so I hope it can:

  • Have batteries to operate unplugged
  • Buttons to start/stop recording, zoom/focus and navigate through menus and replay already recorded
  • Motorized optics + autofocus
  • a Visor (a lcd or optical) to see what are you aiming and indicators on the status on battery, storage and recording with OSD on LCD or leds if optical
  • Storage, I would like an SD or two SD slots, plus an eSATA or USB2.0 connector to attach an HD
  • Embedded mic plus an audio input to allow external audio source
  • high priority one bit signal input/output to sync various cams, master/slave, if the master starts recording slave will start also, various cams can be plugged in cascade
  • Analogue video(RGB)/audio output and digital HDMI output , but due digital output can be achieved by streaming through network or storage the recording I will be no picky on this :P
  • At least 1080p(1920x1080 at 60fps) ) resolution

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