Why make and sell copyleft hardware

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  • control - complete control over hardware and software allows you to integrate in exactly the way that is most valuable to your customers
  • quality - you can reuse proven hardware and software designs as a starting point
  • speed - there are no slow NDA processes, no negotations over license fees or royalties. All technology is professionally copyleft licensed in advance, only the speed of the Internet is between you and your customers.
  • support - when you run into technical problems, you are not bound to the support of one manufacturer. You can bring your choice of partners into your project to do the best job for your customers.
  • you can use existing components, suppliers, manufacturing capabilities, outsource only where others are better
  • because copyleft hardware designs are very stable over long periods of time, and improve incrementally, you can expect excellent upstream free software support
  • processes and tools - you benefit from proven free tools and processes like KiCad, git, schhist, boom
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