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We are collecting articles of any kind written about copyleft hardware or our projects or people here. If you find something, please add.


[edit] 2012

[edit] 2011

Szczys, Mike (February 20, 2011), RF control from just about any device, hackaday.com 
Kehrer, Anika (January 28, 2011) (in German), VJ-System-Milkymist-als-Entwicklerboard-erhaeltlich, www.linux-magazin.de 
Kühling, David (2010), "Forth auf dem Ben NanoNote" (in German), Vierte Dimension Das Forth-Magazin (www.forth-ev.de) (4): 10-18 

[edit] 2010

[edit] December

(in Spanish) Ya tengo mi NanoNote y suman 1000 compradores!, www.puntogeek.com, October 26, 2010 
(in French) L'intégration des patchs sur le support de la carte SoC JZ4740 qui se trouve au coeur du Ben NanoNote, linuxfr.org, October 21, 2010 
Leemhuis, Thorsten (October 4, 2010), The kernel now also includes about 90% of the drivers required for the Ben NanoNote, The H. open 
Bartholomew, Daniel (October 2010), "A Look at the Ben NanoNote", Linux Journal (198): 38-41 

[edit] September

Bezemer, Hans (August 30, 2010), My life with Ben, episode 3, The Beez’ speaks 
Bezemer, Hans (August 29, 2010), My life with Ben, episode 2, The Beez’ speaks 
Bezemer, Hans (August 28, 2010), My life with Ben, episode 1, The Beez’ speaks 
(in Chinese) Linux 2.6.36内核将支持君正XBurst CPU, Solidot.org, August 10, 2010 
Bezemer, Hans (August 8, 2010), Pure fun, but not for the faint hearted, The Beez’ speaks 

[edit] June

(in Polish) NanoNote: Komputer w pełni open source, linuxnews.pl, June 6, 2010 
Qi Hardware Launches Open-Source Computer, pcmag.com, June 5, 2010 
Ben NanoNote – a step towards an open-source hardware laptop…, adafruit.com, June 4, 2010 
New Handheld Computer Is 100% Open Source, slashdot.org, June 4, 2010 
Fellowship interview with David Reyes Samblas Martinez, blogs.fsfe.org, May 31, 2010 
The People Who Support Linux: Driving 4,000 Miles to LinuxCon, linux.com, May 25, 2010 
Debian gets ported to Ben NanoNote, Debian News, May 6, 2010 
(in German) Linux-Däumling, Open WRT auf dem Ben NanoNote, Linux Magazin, May 6, 2010 
(in Chinese) 本 NanoNote试行Debian系统, Solidot.org, May 6, 2010 
Ben NanoNote gets Debian compatible kernel, The H. open, May 4, 2010 
(in Spanish) Logran instalar Debian en un Ben NanoNote, lainformacion.com, May 4, 2010 
Debian gets ported to the Ben NanoNote, debian-news.net, May 3, 2010 
(in German) Ben Nanonote mit neuem Gesicht, Linux Magazin, April 12, 2010 
(in German) Die Woche: Open Hardware, Heise Open, April 8, 2010 
Openrt / Backfire 10.03 Released (and Ben NanoNote supported), OpenWrt.org, April 7, 2010 
(in German) Angeschaut: Mikro-Notebook Ben Nanonote (Galerie), linux-magazin.de, April 1, 2010 
(in Japanese) “初心者お断り”の超小型Linuxマシン「本(Ben)NanoNote」をいじり倒す, itmedia.co.jp, April 1, 2010 

[edit] March

Ben NanoNote Gets Small with Embedded Linux, Linux.com, March 26, 2010 
(in Czech) Ben NanoNote na druhý pohled, Penguin.cz, March 21, 2010 
(in Chinese) 开放小本:Ben NanoNote, LinuxTOY.org, March 19, 2010 
(in Polish) Kieszonkowy komputer z otwartą platformą sprzętową za 99 euro, heise-online.pl, March 18, 2010 
Pocket computer with open hardware platform for 99 euros, The H. open, March 18, 2010 
The NanoNote $99 open hardware thingie, CrunchGear, March 18, 2010 
The Ben NanoNote and open hardware, seabright.co.nz (New Zealand), March 18, 2010 
(in Russian) Миниатюрный Linux-ноутбук от бывших разработчиков проекта Openmoko, OpenNET.ru, March 17, 2010 
Qi Hardware Ben NanoNote, linux-netbook.com, March 17, 2010 
(in Spanish) NanoNote, la sub-netbook de U$S 99 totalmente libre y abierta, vivalinux.com.ar (Argentina), March 17, 2010 
Hackable Linux clamshell goes on sale for $99 / comments, Y Hacker News, March 17, 2010 
(in German) Ben NanoNote mit OpenWrt, pro-linux.de, March 17, 2010 
(in French) Le Ben NanoNote de Qi Hardware est en vente en Europe, linuxfr.org, March 17, 2010 
(in German) Pocket-Computer mit offener Hardware-Plattform für 99 Euro, Heise Open, Mar 17, 2010 
(in Portuguese) Empresa lança notebook “legalmente hackeável” por US$ 99, tecnologia.terra.com.br (Brazil), March 17, 2010 
(in Portuguese) 3 polegadas: aparelhinho com Linux, br-linux.org (Brazil), March 17, 2010 
(in French) Qi Nanonote : Un 3″ ultramini à 99$., Blogeee.net, March 16, 2010 
(in Italian) Qi NanoNote: adorabile 3 pollici Linux, NetbookNews.it, March 16, 2010 
Hackable Linux clamshell goes on sale for $99, LinuxForDevices.com, March 16, 2010 
Ben NanoNote fueled by OpenWrt, openwrt.org, March 16, 2010 
(in Japanese) 99ドルの手乗りPC発売 (99 Dollar Pocket PC), Slashdot.jp, March 16, 2010 
Qi Hardware’s Ben NanoNote about as small as they come, pocketables.net, March 15, 2010 
Qi Hardware’s Ben Nanonote Hobbyist Toy, NetbookBoards.com, March 15, 2010 
(in Russian) Ben NanoNote: карманный компьютер за 99 долларов, Compulenta.ru, March 15, 2010 
(in German) Ben NanoNote für 99 USD zu haben, mobicroco.de, March 15, 2010 
Dedicated Vi device vies for buyers, The Register, March 15, 2010 
(in Japanese) 99ドルのオープンLinuxハンドヘルド 『本』 NanoNote, japanese.engadget.com, March 15, 2010 
Qi Hardware’s tiny, hackable Ben NanoNote now shipping, Engadget.com, March 15, 2010 
(in Chinese) 第一个开放版权的硬件产品 :Ben NanoNote (The First Copyleft Hardware: Ben NanoNote), Solidot.org, March 11, 2010 
(in German) Für Bastler: Ben Nanonote in Europa erhältlich, Linux Magazin, February 22, 2010 
"Milkymist, un System-on-Chip libre et orienté vidéo temps réel" (in French), Linuxe Magazine (124): 48-53, February 2010 

[edit] 2009

Qi Hardware Working on GTK for Mini-Handhelds, Linux Pro Magazine, October 20, 2009 
(in German) Qi Hardware bastelt an GTK auf Mini-Handheld, Linux Magazin, October 19, 2010 
(in Russian) Закрытие OpenMoko открыло дорогу реализации новых идей, OpenNET.ru, July 22, 2009 
OpenMoko Layoffs Lead to New Open Hardware Venture, Linux.com, July 20, 2010 
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