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This page will explain how to install OpenWRT as a cross-compile environment.

[edit] Getting started

Note: For safety reasons all the further commands should be run from a non-root account.

First download a fresh copy of OpenWRT from git:

git clone git://

Now enter the openwrt dir that was just created:

cd openwrt-xburst

Before running a cross-compiler you should update the repository:

scripts/feeds update

If you want to have all the packages avaliable, run the following command:

scripts/feeds install -a

In case you want to choose a single package instead:

scripts/feeds install package_name

[edit] Running the cross-compiler

To enter an interactive gui for OpenWRT cross-compiler:

make menuconfig 

Now select XBurst as your target system:

Target System -> (X) Ingenic XBurst

Choose all the other packages you want to build and exit the gui, saving the config. Then run:


The first time you run it, the build process will take several minutes due to building the whole cross-compilation toolchain.

When done, toolchain can be found in staging_dir/toolchain*

Libs can be found in staging_dir/target*

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