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You can reach me via email at

[edit] My Job

  • overlook production of Ben NanoNote and Milkymist One
  • supplier and third party relations
  • business administration
  • handle orders and customer purchase requests
  • take care of billing and payments

[edit] To Do

Item Description Status
use M1 get first hand end user experience in progress
purchase M1 mini projector purchase M1 mini projector for demo purpose or later sell as accessories in progress: evaluating
purchase battery controllers done: received - sent to wolfgang
making M1 label stick on the back of M1 case. black on silver in progress: waiting for design confirmation from wolfgang
take M1 product pictures the first batch is done. wait for new case for second try
make M1 retailer box and shipping box decide on M1 retailer and shipping box size. design. manufacturing. initial design is back. wait for confirmation.
look for M1 case sourcing find some M1 case makers in/near Shanghai/Shenzhen in progress: contact a few in Shanghai
FCC and CE DOC prepare FCC amd CE DOC not started
update M1 leaflet contact sebastien to confirm whether we need to update M1 leaflet not started
sourcing M1 USB cable done. are with Adam
find M1 USB cable supplier find reliable supplier not started
send M1 and other components to wolfgang and xiangfu already sent m1. need send NN case and other components
use RBS Worldpay payment gateway need to activate account in a month done. activated.
find HS code for M1 in process. temp use: 8542.31.00
source 3.5mm male to male stereo audio cable accessory for M1 done. are with Adam.
source ethernet cable accessory for M1 done. ordered 103 pieces. shipped 100 to Adam, 3 to Yi. received.
source silicon soft keyboard accessory for M1 done. 90 pieces. are with Adam.
source AC/DC power adapters for M1 and CDD camera (an accessory of M1) in production. 93 pieces. lead time 40 days, starts from June 15

[edit] Tasks

  • Clean up US entity
  • Follow Adam's work and learn how to assist him
  • Marketing world wide
  • Go through wiki page and see where we can improve
  • Test new image
  • Learn about how to set up online shop
  • Update/Improve application wiki page
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