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You can reach me via email and Jabber at

[edit] My Job

  • selling Ben NanoNote, Milkymist One
  • hardware quality, customer support
  • Qi server admin (MediaWiki extension tests here)

[edit] To Do

(note: if anything classifies as wishful thinking, it's my To Do list. If things are on this list, it means I am not immediately attending to them, and that means they will probably stay on this list for a very long time. But still, all of those things do need to get done, one day...)

Item Description Status
Zaurus and Jornada marketing think about ways to market NanoNotes to current Sharp Zaurus and HP Jornada communities not started
marketing think about ways to market NanoNotes to nslu2, local wikipedia chapters, communities not started
Thawte certificate look into Paymentasia's Thawte certificate (report) not started
rohs PDF write proper RoHS document for Sharism Ltd. not started
email Steve Park introduce Milkymist, maybe when Milkymist One is available not started
email Balaji introduce Milkymist project not started
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