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Mirko Lindner

Until June 2010, I did my parts in communications, marketing, operations, project management and software development for Everything below is just for reference.


[edit] Major Ownership

  • Ben NanoNote
    • Project coordination
    • Developer support
    • Website (
    • Distributors
    • Software efforts
    • Business Development
    • support sales effort with technical know-how
    • resource planning
    • targeting, placing, development
  • Business Development
    • find potential business opportunities
    • find potential allies in strategic places
    • develop relations with strategic contacts
  • fundamentals
    • develop and strengthen idea and vision behind
    • communicate message, vision etc using on- and offline methods
    • create strong bond between community, and other players
    • close knowledge gaps in's openness
    • evaluate products for business validity
    • plan, project and execute product cycles
    • general company road mapping and direction

[edit] Projects

    • build business
    • focus on real products, get them on to the market and create funds for long-term projects
    • communicate with distributors
    • support European distributors' marketing efforts
    • global distributor contact
    • evaluate product's validity
    • increase sales
    • webpage
    • texting
    • general marketing support
    • sw development
    • support logistics

(PS: If you come across more buzz-words I could drop here, let me know ;) )

[edit] ToDo

Item Description Status
change webpage theme create new theme and implement done
change shop theme create new theme and implement done
integrate payment asia in Shop create payment asia module and get to work in progress
write vido basic coding and zim integration done
search, random functions in vido basic search and random functions done
history function in vido history, back and forward function in vido done
fix random function make random function not display same article twice done
implement help in vido help window in vido done
implement file switching in vido allow users to switch between zim files won't do (overhead)
implement config file for vido create config file - standard zim file, display help etc won't do (overhead)
move cursor in vido move cursor using the 4-way key in vido, to make clicking links easier not started
urldecode links in vido gtkhtml urlencodes links ... need to decode not started
screenblocker vido implement blocker in vido that locks screen while vido is loading done
event blocker vido implement event blocker while vido is loading done
subwindow key blocker block keybindings when in subwindow done
Sales press release Press release about start of sales etc. in progress
Distributors Contact potential distributors etc. in progress
get gmenu to compile port gmenu2x to OpenWrt needs testing
adapt gmenu to NN fix keyboard bindings etc not started
get zim file for release generate zim file to be used in release not started
pick dicts to be used in release star dict needs dict file to operate, pick the ones we'll ship not started
symbol input in star dict create symbol input method for star dict not started
oggs to be shipped we want to ship oggs in release image, pick which these will be not started
add FCC / DCC paper to invoices sent to US add FCC / DCC paper to invoices sent to US done
add avt2 boards to shop create product done

[edit] Externally Added Items

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