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You can reach me at paul at kristianpaul dot org or jabber at paul at jabber dot ktistianpaul dot org

[edit] To Do

Some of the next task are related to a roadmap-like method.

Item Description Status
GPS-SDR Development for the Ben Nanonote GPS Free Stack for the nanonote, including software/hardware implementation for the correlation/tracking/positioning and data acquisition from SiGE GPS chip. In progress
SHA256 Miner port to Milkymist SoC Based SHA256 fpgaminer In progress
Debug kristianpaul's Milkymist One memorycard Benchmark, verify memory card and why dont work on _my_ mm1 Not started
Study about RTEMS In General Future development will require it. Done
Study about RTEMS Driver development Future development will require it. not started
Create RTEMS MMIO driver Example for Milkymist hello world cores To complete the Milkymist Tutorial With Software part. not started
Port Lua to Milkymist Just intellectual and development interest for now done
Study and practice Kicad with a real world PCB A 8:10 SDR expansion board for Nanonote may be a good start not started
Test Scope with multiple kind of Signals Just to make confirm, correct operation and test/learn more about built-in features In progress
llhdl support for spartan3* not started
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