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My vision is to Revitalize Oral Culture.

Oral Culture is inherently local and place-based. It is a way of exchanging context-rich information in a way that is relevant and actionable. An Oral Culture sustains itself through performance, adapting to a living world that moves faster than knowledge codified outside of the mind.

Revitalizing Oral Culture isn't done to the exclusion of Biblio and Digital Culture. I have a rich and meaningful relationship with the written word and computation. I want to use the tools of Biblio Culture in service to Oral Culture: To nurture my relationship with the written word as a means of personal exploration. The written word can be an impartial record, but only if you've trained your senses to perceive the details that matter.

Writing is a path to knowledge, and knowledge is an active process. It involves your entire body in an improvised performance. Using what you know requires that you practice it. Fluency demands that you don't stop to read what should be in your mind and at your fingertips.

For a writing tool to serve Oral Culture, it must be portable: face-to-face connection requires you to travel to the places things are happening. For a writing tool to serve Oral Culture, It must be able to participate in your performance: you're not going somewhere to sit down. For a writing tool to serve Oral Culture, it can't mediate your experience of the world: It isn't a tool to open and read from, but a tool to close and perform from. Knowledge must move from it into you.

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