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[edit] 本NanoNote 2010 Project Notebook

My Project Notebook is my activity log for 本NanoNote-related tasks.

[edit] Oct 2010

  • [12 Oct 2010] I was involved in a bike accident. I broke my zygomatic arch and maxillary sinus. I have two cracked teeth and 8 stitches across my eyebrow. Hospital stay was 7 hours.
  • [11 Oct 2010] I've heard back from Richard Curnow, author of jbofi'e, about my packaging that software for the Ben NanoNote. He is no longer maintaining the software, and has placed the revision history online.
  • [08 Oct 2010] I've pushed my first OpenWrt patch upstream.
  • [08 Oct 2010] I'm getting a strange warning from make in lojban-wordlists. I've asked about it on openwrt-devel.
  • [08 Oct 2010] jbofihe and lojban-wordlists packages are committed.
  • [08 Oct 2010] As I've been collecting files for jbofihe, I discovered that the lujvo are not included by default in jbofihe, but that it will use them if I do include them. I'm creating a new package, lojban-wordlists, that will contain the lojban dictionary material. jbofihe will build-depend on this package so I have the material available.
  • [08 Oct 2010] Testing jbofihe, I've discovered the generated data files are not cross-platform. I'll need to use the package I've installed to generate new file using the NanoNote.
  • [08 Oct 2010] I've gotten jbofihe to compile and create a package. Now I can begin testing.
  • [07 Oct 2010] I put in more time porting jbofihe. This process is slow, though I'm learning a lot about making a package in OpenWrt.
  • [05 Oct 2010] I've made some improvements to the makfa port, based on my exploration of the ports tree. Not checked in yet.
  • [05 Oct 2010] I've started my port of jbofihe to the NanoNote. The build runs programs it compiles as part of the compilation process, so the port is moderately complex.
  • [05 Oct 2010] Gah. Never run make distclean, ever. It removes feeds/qipackages, which may well have changes I wasn't done working on thank you.
  • [04 Oct 2010] Flesh out the OpenWrt Image Testing page. Still a lot of obvious things to add.
  • [04 Oct 2010] I've proposed the creation of a new branch in openwrt_xburst: ben_nanonote.
  • [04 Oct 2010] Deeply interesting conversation on IRC today about OpenWrt, Jlime, and OpenEmbedded. I'm not ready to summarize, please see the IRC logs for more information.
  • [03 Oct 2010] A good conversation on IRC with wolfspraul and xiangfu about my latest commit and aggregating news for the project. We're going to work on improving the home page and making it more welcoming to new people. As well, the news section needs someone that can aggregate data from commits and conversations into useful information.
  • [03 Oct 2010] I marked the wordgrinder package as no longer broken. It runs with the latest image.
  • [03 Oct 2010] I've revisiting system configuration on my NanoNote, having flashed the device. Time is set, my extra partition is formatted and mounted, and small bits of errata have been addressed.
  • [02 Oct 2010] A comment I made on the qi-hardware discussion list was forwarded to the open manufacturing list.
  • [02 Oct 2010] I created a personal .config file, using config.full_system as a base, but trying to make it easier to compare to the .config files generated by make menuconfig. I notice that the config.full_system seems to only contain variables that override the defaults, which is very useful--it makes this file easy to read.
  • [02 Oct 2010] I've successfully reflashed my 本NanoNote! I'm running an image compiled from my buildhost. This feels fantastic, as I can now begin to deeply create a customized environment.
  • [01 Oct 2010] Trying to boot off of a MicroSD card didn't work. Wolfgang tells me that having a single partition on a 16GB MicroSD card triggers a bug in uboot. I'm repartitioning the card so it has two partitions, a 2gb boot/root area and the rest of the card available for data.
  • [01 Oct 2010] I'm downloading a Debian Live CD to make flashing my 本NanoNote easier. My build system is in a virtual machine, a use in which flashing is not supported.
  • [01 Oct 2010] I've been writing User:Alanpost/How, very slowly.
  • [01 Oct 2010] I've added some Exploration links to the links section on this page, doing some research on where I'm going with 本NanoNote development.

[edit] Sep 2010

  • [26 Sep 2010] I've started the process of flashing my 本NanoNote. My computer set-up makes this difficult, as my Linux machine is a virtual machine. I'm running make to update my source tree. I expect after flashing this device that my next step will be to create a custom .config for things I'm interested in having.
  • [21 Sep 2010] My microSD card and adapter have both arrived. I've tested mounting the adapter on both my laptop and the 本NanoNote. Transferring files using a microSD card works!
  • [21 Sep 2010] I've picked up the October 2010 issue of Linux Journal, which features of review of the Ben NanoNote.
  • [21 Sep 2010] I've filed ticket 96 over a screen formatting issue I'm seeing on the 本NanoNote.
  • [21 Sep 2010] I've written a Trip Report about my first outing with the 本NanoNote.
  • [19 Sep 2010] I'm AFK.
  • [18 Sep 2010] I'm AFK.
  • [17 Sep 2010] I'm AFK.
  • [16 Sep 2010] I'm AFK.
  • [15 Sep 2010] I've patched WordGrinder. It now compiles but crashes on the 本NanoNote.
  • [14 Sep 2010] Update the How to contribute page by moving my backlog vision notes to it.
  • [14 Sep 2010] I've updated makfa, moving makfa.dump from /var/... to /usr/... After testing, I'm ready to say this package works, save that it is far too slow.
  • [14 Sep 2010] I've worked with dag on a new version of makfa, one which I hope improves the performance of that package.
  • [14 Sep 2010] I've asked the mailing list about performance of interpreted code, after generating some profiling information for makfa.
  • [14 Sep 2010] I've asked the mailing list about how to package /var/... files. makfa's makfa.dump file will currently be deleted after a reboot.
  • [14 Sep 2010] I've added a patch to makfa to remove the dependency on pyexpat.
  • [14 Sep 2010] I'm trying to compile the py-expat module for the 本NanoNote. My build environment stopped working, trying to compile libtool:
    warning:, needed by .../staging_dir/toolchain-mipsel_gcc-4.3.3+cs_uClibc-0.9.32/usr/lib/, not found (try using -rpath or -rpath-link)

    This was trying to run the command:

    $ make package/python/compile

    I've run make distclean in an attempt to repair my tree.

    UPDATE: I believe this problem was caused by renaming the repository directory.

  • [14 Sep 2010] I've installed my $HOME environment on the 本NanoNote. Since this environment includes a lot of keyboard shortcuts, I'll find using the keyboard on the 本NanoNote a more pleasant experience.
  • [14 Sep 2010] I've installed makfa. It is missing the pyexpat module, so it does not yet work.
  • [14 Sep 2010] I've configured my 本NanoNote for Ethernet over USB. This sure makes it faster to configured everything!
  • [14 Sep 2010] I've tested the picoC package.
  • [13 Sep 2010] My 本NanoNote has arrived!
  • [13 Sep 2010] Further work on my first draft of User:Alanpost/How. I'm close to having a complete outline.
  • [12 Sep 2010] I worked on my first draft of User:Alanpost/How, though I don't have anything worth putting on the wiki yet.
  • [11 Sep 2010] I've briefly evaluated the Linux Test Project and decided to port it to the 本NanoNote as a means of detecting regressions.
  • [11 Sep 2010] I've purchased a MicroSD card and the accompanying ExpressCard reader.
  • [11 Sep 2010] I uploaded a nice $HOME for building images on fidelio, the build host. I'll use this same environment on the 本NanoNote.
  • [10 Sep 2010] I wrote Dag Odenhall, telling him about my makfa port.
  • [10 Sep 2010] I've committed my first port, makfa.
  • [10 Sep 2010] I've been given commit access to openwrt-packages and openwrt-xburst.
  • [10 Sep 2010] I've been given a user account on the Qi Hardware build machine.
  • [09 Sep 2010] make world finished without error, I have a 本NanoNote image!
  • [09 Sep 2010] Building a software image failed in the qt4 package. I was using the wrong .config file. I've fixed this issue and am rerunning my build.
  • [09 Sep 2010] First draft of Why published. This in the first in a set of three documents following a "Why, How, What" taxonomy outlined by Simon Sinek.
  • [09 Sep 2010] I'm trying Building Software Image again.
  • [09 Sep 2010] I've created a User Page on this wiki to track my work on the 本NanoNote.
  • [09 Sep 2010] I asked the discussion mailing list how much disk space is required to build an image. I've reinstalled Debian with a 36GB disk, up from 8GB. I apparently only need 12GB to build an image, but I want to leave plenty of room for future expansion.
  • [09 Sep 2010] I received my 本NanoNote order confirmation today. It included the following note:<p>
    The Ben NanoNote, which you'll be receiving, has image 06162010. After you boot the device into GUI, you may notice that the screen is flickering. Please don't panic at this point. This bug has been fixed in current image 20100826. You can reflash it once you get a bit familiar with the device. However image 20100826 has its own bugs. The GUI (gmenu2x) may crash when you try to go into one of the apps. We are in the process of fixing it.

    This warms my heart, as you'd never get any message like that from a commercial company. Instead I'd get something like "I bet you can't wait for your life to be perfect!"

  • [08 Sep 2010] Following the Building Software Image instructions, I installed the required packages and made my first attempt to compile a software image. 6 hours into the build, I ran out of disk space.
  • [08 Sep 2010] I've installed Debian 5.0 in a VMWare virtual machine. I named the machine {se tcuji'e}, which is Lojban for "host" in the "a parasite has one" sense.
  • [07 Sep 2010] I began downloading Debian 5.0 to use as my host system.
  • [07 Sep 2010] I ordered a 本NanoNote. The day before a friend had shown me a 本NanoNote and I realized I could use it as a portable study device.
  • [06 Sep 2010] A friend of mine and fellow hacker showed me his 本NanoNote. Using it, I was surprised how easy vi was to use, on account of the keyboard having all of the special symbols readily available. I was also happy to see that python was included, so I could write a "Hello, World." application.

    I wanted to get one right away, but I always sleep on decisions like that.

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