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[edit] About Me

My vision is to Revitalize Oral Culture.

Version 1.0 of this vision is to create a platform for self-study of skills used in oral culture: storytelling, improvisation, and performance.

My current implementation of this vision is to use the 本NanoNote as a platform to study Lojban. I will be porting the Lojban dictionary, parser, and a flashcard program to the device.

I purchased a 本NanoNote after [User:Allin_Kahrl Allin Kahrl] demoed it to me.

[edit] Contact Information

Google Chat post.alan<at>
Freenode Nick aisa
github alanpost

[edit] Packages I Help Maintain

package description status
cll cll is the "Complete Lojban Language." The reference book for Lojban. planned
espeak eSpeak text to speech planned
fossil fossil is a distributed dcss planned
jbofihe jbofihe is a command-line Lojban parser. complete
lojban-wordlists cmavo, gismu, lujvo, and rafsi, wordlists for Lojban. complete
makfa makfa is a command-line interface to the Lojban dictionary. running (but too slow, has formatting problems)
mnemo mnemo is a flashcard program. planned
SBaGen Binaural Beat Brain Wave Experimenter's Lab planned
SWIS SignWriting Image Server planned
WordGrinder WordGrinder is a word processor focused on writing text complete

[edit] Package Status

status description
planned I'm planning on creating this package, but it doesn't exist yet.
testing I've written a package, but I haven't confirmed it works on the 本NanoNote yet.
crashes The package compiles but won't run on the 本NanoNote.
running The package works, but there are serious errata that need attention.
complete The package works, and I don't have any serious errata to fix.

[edit] Skills

skill proficiency notes
C expert interpreters, parsers, command-line utilities, data structures, libraries.
C++ experienced Server-side, Data-intensive runtime systems.
mandoc novice program documentation.
Perl experienced Data parsing and cleaning.
Python experienced Numerical analysis.
Scheme experienced textual/program transformation.
TeX proficient reference documentation, teaching material.

Scale: Novice => Proficient => Experienced => Expert

[edit] Interesting Facts

  • I maintain a Lojban-related teaching website: lo do ckiku ma zvati. {lo do ckiku ma zvati} is "Where are your Keys?", a language fluency game played to learn Lojban.
  • I'm working on wild habitat restoration and sustainable local food culture as a steward of Sunflower River Farm.
  • I work on resilient community projects at my local hackerspace, Quelab.
  • I find it interesting that 本 in Chinese is "origin or beginning place" whereas in Japanese it means book. They are both appropriate for the NanoNote.

[edit] My Links

These are shortcuts I commonly use:

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[edit] Misc

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[edit] Projects and Documentation

[edit] Ben NanoNate

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[edit] Exploration

These links are archived here while I research them.

[edit] 本NanoNote Project Notebook

My Project Notebook is my activity log for 本NanoNote-related tasks.

  • [19 Nov 2010] Flashing my 本NanoNote:

    mke2fs /dev/mmcblk0p1
    mount /mnt/mmcblk0p1

    Follow the directions for updating with a MicroSD card.

  • [19 Nov 2010] My build is finally done, I have a new image. I couldn't build nanoterm, nlove, and surfraw. nanoterm requires a newer version of coreutils than I've got, I didn't check why the others didn't build. Time to flash!
  • [18 Nov 2010] I encountered a build error that I asked about on the mailing list.
  • [18 Nov 2010] I was doing some research on the 本NanoNote's hardware, and encountered these links:

  • [18 Nov 2010] There was a major repository change during the previous month. I need to rebuild my image, and it has been slow going. I was in the middle of working on a couple fixes, and I've migrated the support necessary for that. I've also updated by custom .config file, based on the changes to config.full_system. Time to try make!
  • [18 Nov 2010] I've needed extra time to recover from my accident, and I haven't been able to spend any time working on the 本NanoNote as a result.

older entries

[edit] Backlog

My Sprint Backlog contains the tasks I'm working on in my current iteration:

Sprint Backlog
Ticket Description Estimated Points Actual Points
User:Alanpost/Backlog#Write How wiki page 8 - N

My Project Backlog contains the ordered set of tasks I'd like to work on.

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