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Qi hardware has acquired the vendor ID 20b7 (hex) from the USB Implementers Forum. Official Qi hardware products have been assigned the following USB product IDs:

  • TBD: Clarify the process by which any copyleft hardware project can register a product ID

USB Vendor ID (hex) USB Product ID (hex) Description
20b7 0713 Milkymist JTAG/serial
20b7 1540 ATUSB (ben-wpan, AT86RF23x-based)
20b7 1541 Raven USB stick with ATUSB firmware
20b7 1db5 IDBG in DFU mode
20b7 1db6 IDBG in normal mode
20b7 71da Lumigy Dawn (tentative)
20b7 7ab5 Lab Switch
20b7 9db1 Glasgow Debug Tool
20b7 ae70 Anelok Password Safe (tentative)
20b7 ae71 Anelok Password Safe, Y-Box (tentative)
20b7 c25b C2 USB Dongle
20b7 cb72 ben-wpan, cntr

Please help to keep this list in sync with the Linux USB ID Repository at

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