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Up until now, when cold, brisk winter weather set in and ladies needed to venture outdoors they e had one of two options: 1.http://www.uggssalgonline.com/ , Throw on footwear that protects against the toughest elements but leaves you looking ready for an expedition up Everest.http://www.monclersutlopp.com/ , 2.http://www.shopmoncler.uk.com/ , Look fantastic and fashionable but prepare to freeze.http://www.afsaleonline.uk.com/ ,

This past fall, Hi-Tec launched a line of ladies insulated boots, which fuses the latest technological innovations with classic styling with their new ion-mask technology. Ion-Mask Technology was originally developed for military clothing designed to repel chemicals, while allowing these individuals to remain warm and dry while in combat. Ion-Mask has some really great qualities - 1) Stay Clean, which allows footwear to stay cleaner longer 2) It Waterproof 3) Hydrophobic, meaning it is quick drying 4) Lightweight and 5) Environmentally Friendly, as only tiny quantities of chemicals used with minimal waste. I love that the technology developed for members of the military has crossed over into every day footwear for civilians.

There are several Hi-Tec Ion-Mask products to choose from this Winter:

?V-lite Hatha Quick-Zip 200i Classic styling married with ion-maskTM waterproofing and stay-clean technology creates the perfect winter weather union for your adventurous lifestyle. Features a medial quick-zip design for easy on and off and the new eco-cork footbed for a naturally anti-microbial boot. COLORS: White/Dolly Pink, Dark Chocolate/Sable, Black/Dark Grey, Honey/Golden Haze. MSRP: $105.

?St. Moritz Luxe 200i Aspires to be the cutest, insulated boots for even the most challenging of terrain this winter. Stay clean, dry and warm with ion-maskTM, Thermo-Dri? and 200 grams ThinsulateTM technologies. COLORS: Brown/Taupe/Dark Chocolate, Honey/Sable/Taupe MSRP: $115.

?V-Lite Snowflake Pull-on 200i The Snowflake Pull-on gives you the same waterproof, breathable, insulated comfort in an easy to wear 6?pull-on style. COLORS: Honey/Sable/Taupe, Brown/Taupe/Chocolate. MSRP: $70

Hi-Tec provided me with a pair of St. Moritz Luxe Boots (pictured below) to try out, and after trying these, I don think I ever buy discount store boots again. As some of you know, here in Pennsylvania, we got 2 blizzards back to back within a matter of days, which dumped around 5 feet of snow on us. We were definitely not prepared for that much snow, but thankfully I did have my St. Moritz Luxe boots to make the snow removal process a bit more tolerable and even enjoyable. Instead of having wet, freezing-cold feet they were warm and absolutely dry. They have a string around the top perimeter of the boot which you can tighten to prevent snow from getting inside the boot, along with a fur lining to add to the warmth and comfort of the boots. On top of that, as the Ion-Mask technology stated, they are dirt repellant?and that they were. I was out in the muddy snow shoveling, and they still look close to brand new! I have been impressed with the products from Hi-Tec that I have tried thus far, and now you have a chance to try these boots (or equivalent product) yourself!

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