Wishlist for the Ya NanoNote

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A lot of features have been mentioned already, nevertheless I want to list the things I consider to be the most important changes for the Ya NanoNote, roughly ordered by importance:

  • USB host support (with a full-size USB connector - a mini USB connector is pretty useless as you need an adaptor to use a usb device which is not acceptable for a device that was meant to be ultra-portable)
  • more RAM (preferably at least 128 MB)
  • two SD slots with at least one being a full-size slot. The internal NAND memory on the other hand could be either removed or its size could be reduced to lower costs
  • a serial port with a proper connector and not sharing gpio lines with other devices (like the keyboard).
  • a higher screen resolution (640x480 would be great, but such a display might be too expensive. Something like 480x360 would also be a great improvement over the current 320x240 display)

With those changes, features like internal WiFi or Bluetooth are way less important to me as they can easily be added by the user. I would also like to have as many free GPIO lines (if there are any) to be exposed on the PCB (e.g. as test points) as possible.

Wejp10:55, 28 June 2010

This gets my vote USB host would be top of my list, wifi/bluetooth could then be added with dongles if required. More RAM and a faster processor wouldn't go amiss either ;)

Gunni15:42, 8 October 2011
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