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Moved from the page:

PS: undoing my edit is a little pointless. I can redo it just as easily as you can unto it. I'm just trying to prove a point here, don't you get that? You're preserving a dead page. There is no NanoNote any more. There are a handful of people left with them, and some vestige of community spirit. But they're three years old now. I can buy something for a tenth of the price with equivalent computing power. And here's Qi Hardware, letting broken promises lie. Preserving a future that might have been, but isn't.
In other words: if you're going to preserve this page, why not update it from time to time? If you're going to make the Ya NanoNote, why don't you stop fantasizing and make it? But if you've given up on it, as you clearly have for the most part, why don't you just take down the NanoNote stuff?

Huh? I'm just a volunteer here removing endless weight-loss spams and reverting general vandalism. And I moved your remarks to the talk page where they belong. I could probably lock this page if I wanted, but maybe people want to improve this site rather than just accuse people of "lying". It's not up to me to take this page down: Wolfgang seems to have given me access to administer this site, so I'm taking on that responsibility because maybe people will pick up on this again in future. I don't think anyone is "fantasizing" about anything: these were the original plans and they haven't worked out. No conspiracy theory or big deception at all!

I'll leave this little discussion up for now, but really it belongs on the talk page, not here. Perhaps we could put a note saying that this information is out of date without accusing people who made the effort to produce something in the first place of "lying".

PaulBoddie15:15, 22 June 2013
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