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my biggest wish is an integrated 3G modem. what I'm looking for is the cheapest, smallest, lightest computer for remote log-in into other computers. I have gnu screen sessions with always-on IRC, servers, my home NAS etc.

even the 3G plan would be affordable, transmitting text from and to unix terminal doesn't use up much bandwith. OpenWRT is an OS precisely made for networking and enabling internet access.

then in order of preference : - a higher screen resolution to cram in more text or make it more readable. 80 columns text

- bluetooth, this has many uses. small gamepads to play old console games, file transfer, limited network connection, audio, interfacing into micro-controller setups with a bluetooth/serial gateway, etc. But, SDIO bluetooth cards seem affordable. possibly the only common SDIO card.

- internal micro SD slot. I like that my expensive flash just doesn't hang outside.

- usb host. here you can plug in keyboard, a hub, powered or not, ethernet, wifi etc.

what I don't want

- wifi. power hungry, spectrum is crowded, public hotspots are filtered sometimes only allowing port 80 and 443. - ethernet : a RJ45 connector is too thick anyway. won't ever buy a laptop or netbook without ethernet but we can compromise on this and ethernet access can come through USB host or device. - huge memory or fast CPU

bonus specs : - video decoding hardware in the CPU, at least divx - FM radio just as with the Dingoo - whatever manages to fit in and costs nothing, 26 April 2012
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