Ya NanoNote feature requests

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A small battery for RTC. Is is hard to implement? In Ben the time is reset once you remove the Battery or the the battery is drained for some time. which is very bad.

Also either there should be a line-in port or the line out port should be configureable as line-in/line-out/mic-in. I really look forward for Ya be be used as a good Digital storage Oscilloscope for moderate troubleshooting.

As earlier mentioned if the Piezo Buzzer is not finding much use case that it can be replaced with a vibrator.

Jeevasv11:06, 20 April 2011

Surely Wifi/BT/GPS/3G is the need for the day. For a device like this wireless connectivity is a must. Sure it drains the battery. But that is ok. Just implement a hard switch for those.

Jeevasv11:09, 20 April 2011
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