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I am wondering whether Ya will still be Ingenic SoC based. I have some experience with JZ4750/JZ4755 based PMP/MID, so I'd like to give some suggestions. Though JZ4750 is more powerful, it is an BGA chip and is more complicated. However, it could support two SDIOs for WiFi and SD card, and it has USB Host and more GPIOs too. JZ4755 is QFP based and is cheaper and easier, however it only has one SDIO and no USB Host. Therefore you could support the SD slot and use the SD based WiFi Card instead. For the screen, JZ SoC uses SDRAM interface, therefore 32MB*2 RAM is popular. Of course, you could choose 64MB*2, but they are much more expensive. Considering the limit of CPU speed and RAM size, 4.3inch/480*272 screen is a better choice. If we do not care too much about the cost, we could use JZ4750 with SD(TF)/WiFi/FM/USBHost/Keyboard/UART/128RAM/StereoSPKer/CVBS/4.3inch480*272TouchScreen Or a easier design JZ4755/SD(WiFi)/FM/Keyboard/UART/64RAM/4.3inch480*272TouchScreen

Esuncloud01:56, 9 September 2010
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