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Hello great minds! =D
Am really new on this project, and today I have ordered my first NanoNote.

This are the steps to reproduce the problem:
1. I download every file and each folder on the same way its presented online here: Folder "v1.0" from the Downloads section
Step1 Step2 Step3 Step4 Step5 and so on until I had downloaded all the contents of the folder "v1.0"

2. Then I open Altium 2012. And try to find some PROJECT file inside all folders without luck. Step1 Step2 Step3

Expected result: To find some "Project File" that vinculates to every file, and could work with all files by Jerarchy inside Altium.

Actual result: I have to import file by file. And then organize it again on Altium file by file.

My Questions:
- Question 1: Is out there some link I have missed maybe? So I can open all NanoNote files just by opening the "Project File" and then could work from Altium by jerarchy?

- Question 2: Is out there some FASTER way to could download all the content on the folder "V1.0" just by one "save as"?

- Question 3: I wonder if the content inside "V1.0" is the latest release about "NanoNote" or is ther is some other "Folder" that I sould complement "V1.0" with?

Thanks for your patience, I hope some day could be as great as your are!

Fuegofuego222:11, 27 July 2012

-Question 1: Those files are created by using Kicad

-Question 2: try wget -np -r ....

-Question 3: yes. it's the latest release. you can find the history here: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/schhist/board-qi-avt2/

Xiangfu02:56, 12 November 2012
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