Is Debian 6.0 a full distribution?

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Sure. First of all, in general if you want to find more such apps, look for them by using the key words "J2ME [type of app you want] [possibly "open source"]

Sourceforge is a great place to look and you can use J2ME or "java phone" or MIDLET as a keyphrase.

J2ME just means Java Micro Edition. Java is a well established and ubiquitous language so if you wanted to learn it , it would be rather accessible. I recommend only programs that are Free Software because: you can usually email the developers and get great support source code is provided so you have the "four Freedoms" the quality of Free/Open Source software is virtually always higher.

I have ended up deleting all the "freeware" programs I have tried that are not Free Software because they have no support anymore and cannot be changed to get better so they in effect have no future.

For text editors only, here is one SourceForge text editor I use

you download the zip, unzip and place the .jar file in the Java directory on the microSD that is to go in the phone.

I strongly urge you to email me at ( so that we may talk at leisure and so that I do not appear to be plugging any particular brand or product and so I do not look like the big bad wolf trying to dissuade you from getting a Ben. I know of about 4 or 5 devices that would likely suit your needs better well below the current price range. I await your mail, thank you.


Jane22:08, 7 July 2012
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