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two month ago I tried to find a bank to get a kfw-credit (public credit with good conditions) to finance the development of a dvb-s2 router hardware as open source. No bank agreed, thoung I was ready to to provide 100% security for the loan. Two banks even offerend me a bank-credit for it after declining the public credit, I was very upset about this behaviour.

Anyway, I would prefer to work in a team. If anybody would be interested, I could tell about the idea of the device.


Peterka21:34, 14 February 2011

Can you tell us more about the idea?

Kristianpaul01:02, 15 February 2011

DVB-S2 router with - two F-plugs to be connected by coax-wire to LNBs to receive DVB-S2 - one ethernet plug to be connected to the LAN of the building - one powerplug

- to be installed near the satellite parabol antena / LNBs, hence to avoid coax cabeling and using the LAN

- to be used by web GUI to select the TV channel and to watch a received TV channel, no software to be installed on client - maybe later on some more protocolls to transmit into LAN

- Linux, VLC and a driver to interface the D sorry I break and will go on soon

Peterka17:28, 17 February 2011

- Linux, VLC and a driver to interface the two DVB-S2 tuners / transport stream decoders

- with two buquets (transponder channels), we have 8..10 TV channels to be streamed to 2..3 clients in parallel

- I found a Marvell ARM Microcontroller (see openplug) to best fitting

- from hardware to software all should be open source

- prototype versions could be sold for maybe 300€ (with the support of a credit), later on it could reach 150..200€ covering development and production cost

Questions, remarks ?


Peterka19:33, 19 February 2011

Yeah, Do you have public source code? also it use a floss-like license, There is a prototype running?

Kristianpaul01:03, 20 February 2011

I have a hand-crafted hardware prototype, done by a openrd-base and a sharp dvb-s2 tuner. I can hook it to a laptop (or even the openplug device) as the host- and development-plattform. There is no source code or repository yet.


Peterka13:37, 20 February 2011
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