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A few things. One. Would this thing be useful to make a robot with?

these questions are all related to each other, I guess, so I'll make them one big question. Can I get a graphical text editor (gedit) running on this thing without much complaint? Also, could I run a webkit based browser (like midori), or would that kill the system's limited RAM? And can I connect USB Wifi adapters to the nanonote, like an old Linksys b/g antenna ( for reference purposes)? It works flawlessly under other Linux distributions, but I was thinking about using that in conjunction with my Ben, to connect in a few places and get online, partly to show off, partly to have fun with it. Also, does the gmenu based GUI lend itself easily to running more than one program at once (e.g a small IM client, like Finch, and Dillo/midori/lynx), or will I mostly be running one program at a time? If it doesn't run well, how well does this system work with the byobu (Screen's more mature cousin) system?

That was a long one. I have two more, one's a technical, the other one is sort of random. So, on the technical side. It says something about shorting two wires for updating the Ben. How do I go about doing that? I'm pretty new to electronics, but in my experience, shorting wires usually leads to shocking the crap out of myself. If someone would like to post a tutorial, I'd be pretty happy with that, since I have no idea what I should do there.

Finally, in all the images of gmenu2x, I see that big dock on the top, and that little bar on the bottom. Is there any way I could reverse those, so I could have the big dock on the bottom and the little one on top, like a little GNOME desktop? It's sort of a silly question, but I wasn't sure., 20 May 2010
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