Preferred distro to connect to nanonote?

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When I first got my nanonote, the ethernet over USB worked fine with Ubuntu/Linux Mint by following the instructions given. However, after an upgrade I found this would no longer work... hoped it would be fixed in the next release and gave up on the idea once I realised it wasn't. I was tinkering with some old hardware the other day and following a similar method trying to get my ancient machine online over a serial connection and again the forwarding didn't seem to be working. So my question is: What distro are you guys using? Anyone had similar trouble with Ubuntu/Ubuntu-based distros and fixed it?

Thanks in advance...

Gunni14:30, 2 December 2011

@Gunni I am sure I tested the Ethernet Over Usb in every release. I am using the latest release 2011-11-23. if you have more question about this please send email to or here: IRC #qi-hardware on freenode

Xiangfu06:41, 25 December 2011
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