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[edit] Usage

{{Harvard citation no brackets|Last name of author(s)|Year| loc=Location in the text}}


{{Harvnb|Last name of author(s)|Year| loc=Location in the text}}

Instead of using the optional loc parameter, you may use one of the following parameters:

  • p=page
  • pp=pages
Usage notes
  • The first parameter is the author's last name.
  • Up to four authors can be given as parameters (see the examples). If there are more than 4 authors only the first 4 should be listed; listing more will cause odd things to happen.
  • The next parameter is the year of publication – use a year and optionally a/b/c etc. for authors with multiple publications in the same year. Do not use a full date – linking to a citation using a full date is still performed by year.
  • The loc= parameter is the location of the cited material within the reference. This parameter is optional.
  • The p= is an optional page parameter; thus "{{Harvnb|Smith|2006| p=25}}" yields "Smith 2006, p. 25".
  • The pp= parameter is an optional page range parameter; thus "{{Harvnb|Smith|2006| pp=25–26}}" yields "Smith 2006, pp. 25–26".
  • The Ref= parameter is used to specify the reference value that links the short citation to the full citation. This parameter is optional and is usually not necessary. If you specify Ref=none no hyperlink is created. (See the examples.)
  • To include brackets surrounding the citation, use {{Harvard citation}} or {{Harv}}.
  • To use the author name(s) in the text, use {{Harvard citation text}} or {{Harvtxt}}.
  • For more complicated Harvard citations with multiple links use {{Harvard citations}} or its abbreviation {{harvs}}.
  • For authors who have published more than one work in the same year, the standard way to differentiate such works is to put a lowercase letter after the year. For example, "{{Harvnb|Smith|2007a| p=25}}" yields "Smith 2007a, p. 25" and "{{Harvnb|Smith|2007b| p=37}}" yields "Smith 2007b, p. 37"
  • A space before or after the author name or before the year is significant; they produce an underscore in the hyperlink. So, "{{Harvnb|Smith| 2006| p=25}}" yields "Smith 2006, p. 25" which links to #CITEREFSmith_2006.
  • When using citation templates such as {{cite book}} for references, include the parameter |ref=harv in the citation template to add the target of the footnote link to each reference. This is not necessary for {{citation}}, but is normally necessary for the others.

[edit] Examples

Code Result
{{Harvard citation no brackets|Smith|2006| loc=ch. 10}} Smith 2006, ch. 10
{{Harvnb|Smith|2006| p=25}} Smith 2006, p. 25
{{Harvnb|Smith|2006| pp=25–26}} Smith 2006, pp. 25–26
{{Harvnb|Smith|2006| pp=25–26 | Ref=none}} Smith 2006, pp. 25–26
{{Harvnb|Smith|2007a| p=25}} Smith 2007a, p. 25
{{Harvnb|Smith|2007b| p=37}} Smith 2007b, p. 37
{{Harvnb|Smith|Jones|Brown|2008 | p=25}} Smith, Jones & Brown 2008, p. 25
{{Harvnb|Smith|Jones|Brown|Black|2009 | p=25}} Smith et al. 2009, p. 25
{{Harvnb|Smith|2010| p=25}} Smith 2010, p. 25
{{harvnb|2007a|p=25|Ref={{harvid|Smith|2007a}}}} 2007a, p. 25
Full references for examples

The following references are provided as targets for the {{Harvnb}} templates used in the examples above. If you click on a link in the Result column, the browser will highlight the proper entry below and scroll to the page to make it visible.

  • Smith, John (2006). His First Book. 
  • Smith, John (2007a). His Second Book. 
  • Smith, John (2007b). His Third Book. 
  • Smith, John; Jones, Ann; Brown, Shelby (2008). Multiple Authors Example Book One. 
  • Smith, John; Jones, Ann; Brown, Shelby; Black, Joseph (2009). Multiple Authors Example Book Two. 
  • Smith, John (11 May 2010). His Latest Book. 

[edit] Purpose

When using parenthetical referencing there are some situations in which it is undesirable to surround the citation with brackets. Also, Harvnb is sometimes used with inline citations (<ref>…</ref>) to create short footnotes in a Notes section that link to full footnotes in a References section.

Multiple citations

A useful example of the Harvard no brackets template is when creating multiple cites using different pages of the same book. For a worked example, see User:RexxS/Cite_multiple_pages.

[edit] See also

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