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[edit] Usage

Copy one of these three blank versions to use. Note that all fields must be lowercase, and remember to use the "|" (pipe) character between each field. Please delete any unused fields to avoid clutter in the edit window.

Horizontal list
{{cite album-notes |title= |albumlink= |artist= |year= |notestitle= |url= |first= |last= |authorlink= |coauthors= |page= |pages= |format= |publisher= |publisherid= |location= |ref= }}
Vertical list Prerequisites *
{{cite album-notes
| title       = 
| albumlink   =
| artist      =
| bandname    = 
| year        = 
| notestitle  = 
| url         = 
| first       = 
| last        = 
| authorlink  =
| coauthors   = 
| page        =
| pages       = 
| at          =
| format      = 
| publisher   = 
| publisherid = 
| location    = 
| ref         =
* If a field name is listed in the Prerequisites column it is a prerequisite for the field to the left. For example publisher is a prerequisite to location meaning location will NOT be displayed even if it has a value unless publisher also has a value.

[edit] Description of fields

[edit] Syntax

Nested fields either rely on their parent fields, or replace them:

  • parent
    • child — may be used with parent (and is ignored if parent is not used)
    • alternative — may be used in place of parent

[edit] Description

  • title: The title of the album. This is the only required field. Do not wikilink (and do not italicize, as this has been done for you).
    • albumlink: The name of the Wikipedia article about the album, if one exists. Do not wikilink.
  • artist: The name of the artist or band, or Various artists if applicable. Please wikilink if the citation is being used on a page that is not the artist or band's article. |bandname= is a deprecated synonym for |artist=.
  • year: The copyright year of the album. Do not wikilink.
  • url: The full URL (internet address) of the notes if they are available online.
  • notestitle: The title of the notes, if different from the title of the album.
  • last: The last name of the author of the notes, if different from the artist. Don't wikilink (use authorlink instead).
    • first: The first name of the author of the notes.
    • authorlink: Title of Wikipedia article about author. Article should already exist. Must not be wikilinked itself. Do not use this on its own, but along with "first" and "last".
    • coauthors: Full name of additional author or authors, separated by ", " (e.g. Joe Bloggs, John F. Kennedy, H. R. Dent).
  • page: Page number if a multi-page document and referencing a single page. "page=5" produces p. 5.
    • or pages: Page numbers if a multi-page document and referencing more than one page. "pages=5-7" produces pp. 5-7. This is for listing the pages relevant to the citation, not a total number of pages. Do not include the "p." or "pp." prefix.
    • or at: The name of a page for cases like "back cover", etc. The template will not add a "p." or "pp." prefix.
  • format: How the notes are presented (booklet, book, insert, back cover, cover, liner, etc) and for what type of medium the album is presented in (CD, DVD, Vinyl). Example: CD liner or Vinyl back cover.
  • publisher: The record label. You may wikilink if the record label has an article.
    • publisherid: The catalog number from the publisher for the album release that corresponds to the notes.
    • location: The location of the publisher to the smallest geographical unit known (city, state, country). You may wikilink.
  • ref: ID for anchor. By default, no anchor is generated. The ordinary nonempty value |ref=ID generates an anchor with the given ID; such a linkable reference can be made the target of wikilinks to full references, especially useful in short citations like shortened notes and parenthetical referencing. The special value |ref=harv generates an anchor suitable for the {{harv}} template; see anchors for Harvard referencing templates. See "Wikilinks to full references" in Examples below for using the ref field in citation templates in conjunction with short <ref>...</ref> citations.
Notes for Harvard references
  1. If you specify |ref=harv, you must also specify an author surname using |last=surname.
  2. This template supports only a single author, and so |ref=harv will only work for a single author: {{harv|Smith|2009}} will work, but {{harv|Smith|Jones|2009}} will not.

[edit] Examples

Description and Code Result
{{cite album-notes |title=Album Title |albumlink=Album |artist=Artist |year=Year |notestitle=Notes Title |url=http://www.wikipedia.org |first=First |last=Last |page=1 |format=Format |publisher=Publisher |publisherid=Publisher ID |location=Location }}
Last, First (Year). "Notes Title", p. 0 [Format]. Album notes for Album Title by Artist. Location: Publisher (Publisher ID).
Basic example
{{cite album-notes |title=New Moon |albumlink=New Moon (Elliott Smith album) |artist=[[Elliott Smith]] |year=2007 |first=John |last=Doe |page=4 |format=booklet |publisher=[[Kill Rock Stars]] |publisherid=KRS455 |location=[[Olympia, Washington|Olympia, WA]] }}
(2007) Album notes for New Moon by Elliott Smith, p. 4 [booklet]. Olympia, WA: Kill Rock Stars (KRS455).
Example with author
{{cite album-notes |title=Anthology 1 |albumlink=Anthology 1 |artist=[[The Beatles]] |year=1994 |first=Mark |last=Lewisohn |authorlink=Mark Lewisohn |page=2 |format=booklet |publisher=[[Apple Records]] |publisherid=34448 |location=London }}
Lewisohn, Mark (1994). Album notes for Anthology 1 by The Beatles, p. 2 [booklet]. London: Apple Records (34448).
Example with notes title
{{cite album-notes |title=Anthology 1 |albumlink=Anthology 1 |artist=[[The Beatles]] |year=1994 |notestitle=Making Anthology 1 |url=http://www.wikipedia.org |first=Mark |last=Lewisohn |authorlink=Mark Lewisohn |page=2 |format=booklet |publisher=[[Apple Records]] |publisherid=34448 |location=London }}
Lewisohn, Mark (1994). "Making Anthology 1", p. 2 [booklet]. Album notes for Anthology 1 by The Beatles. London: Apple Records (34448).
Example with coauthor
{{cite album-notes |title=Anthology 1 |albumlink=Anthology 1 |artist=[[The Beatles]] |year=1994 |first=Mark |last=Lewisohn |authorlink=Mark Lewisohn |coauthors=[[George Martin|Martin, George]] |page=2 |format=booklet |publisher=[[Apple Records]] |publisherid=34448 |location=London }}
Lewisohn, Mark; Doe, John (1994). Album notes for Anthology 1 by The Beatles, p. 2 [booklet]. London: Apple Records (34448).
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