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[edit] Nevermind No no mind it --Jeevas :)

Apparently there is an issue where the same GPIO pin is used for serial and part of the keyboard, so none of these ideas are really useful.

Correction of the above statement.--Jeevas

The statement is only partially true. There are two set of test points in the nanonote board for the UART. TP74, TP75 in which it shares one pin with the keyboard gpio. The other set is TP4, TP5 which shares with nothing and is free. I just wired both of these sets to a pluggable header so that I can have a pluggable UART. Ironically with the current openwrt distro I couldn't get the TP74,TP75 to work. But TP4, TP5 worked fine and is accessible as ttyS0. There is also a ttyS1 node created but I am gettig a read/write error if I try access it.

I'm thinking of getting a bluetooth UART module and pair it with a mobile or pc and use it as a modem using a chat script. Waiting for my Bluetooth module.

[edit] Using the TTL for wireless communications

Here are some products that may be usable to give the Ben Nanonote wireless communications via its serial console pins.

According to the data sheet, Jz4720 CPU UART functions up to 921.6Kbps baudrate.

[edit] About TTL

Ben NanoNote serial console is TTL - *not* RS232. 3 pins, GND, TXD, and RXD.

This Explains TTL and UART:

[edit] Wireless types

[edit] Bluetooth

[edit] Wifi

[edit] Zigbee

[edit] Physical Placement

The entire Ben Nanonote is 99 x 75 x 17.5mm. The battery has dimensions 53.30 x 34.05 x 4.60 (mm).

It should be possible to fit most of the above options in the battery compartment, and get a larger, thinner battery that could go on the bottom of the case, integrated into or onto the case somehow that is hard to theorize about without having a ben nanonote physically yet (there do seem to be screws etc).

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