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[edit] How does it fit?

Some photographs showing where exactly this would go inside or outside of the Ben Nanonote case would be useful for those of us who don't yet have one :-) Djbclark 13:32, 19 January 2010 (UTC)

Mailing list discussion seems to indicate that there is in fact no real connection between this project and the Ben Nanonote or any other Qi Hardware projects. Unsure of why this page is in this wiki; seems to just be due to SAKC historically starting as an add-on project to the Ben Nanonote, but at some point this changed but the project was not properly spun off to use seperate wiki and mailing list resources. I think new users of Qi Hardware projects / Ben Nanonote will find this confusing. I don't think there are formal policies for this wiki, but if this were wikipedia I'd propose this page for deletion, or for modification into a page describing how to use the SAKC with the Ben Nanonote only, if/when that becomes possible. Djbclark 07:03, 4 March 2010 (UTC)
Per wolfyg on irc, SAKC is very active. Jebba 09:15, 18 March 2010 (UTC)
cicamargoba Software developers as Djbclark con use Ben Nanonote for develop any kind of application with the provided interface, but a hardware developer can't use BEN because is a closed (form hardware point of view) platform. Hardware developers need free GPIOs, communication ports like I2C, SPI, sertial, logic resources. They can connect SAKC with custom circuits, and create any kind of different applications, with BEN a hardware developer can use the serial port only. SAKC use the same operating system and the same tools than BEN NANONOTE. SAKC is not a different product, think in SAKC as a BEN version for hardware hackers. SAKC is not a BEN accessory, is another platform created for Hardware people.
kristianpaul I see sakc as not a fully free platform due it was made initially using non-free sofware, but as Carlos pointed, this will allow

hardware hackers to explore and prototype new copyleft stuff what why not in a future can become ASICS :), i'm not a electronic eng at all, but this baord could be a cheap and near competitor with board likes SPARTAN AVNET, wich are not documented as SAKC is, and will allow learn by doing

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