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I think the cpu should be godson3 mips compliant chip when it comes out. It has horsepower. It is by design open. It can power the entire linux. The RAM should be above 2GB. The flash disk should be about 8GB-160GB depending on the new SDD affordability. You should provide 3G/UWA phone ability from the start. You should a pdf e-book reader with no issues that’s easily upgradeable. The idea is to be useful not only on the bus, but also all day at work as a teacher needing answers or to show stuff from google when need arises. It truly frustrates me knowing the answer is on google but I don’t have handy little device I can carry anywhere and show to my students.

I want AWESOME SOUND coming from speakers built-in. I have a class of twenty students. I want to have them hear a particular sound byte from history.

The SmartQ 7 is the closest thing to what I want. It currently has a 1100RMB price. BUT it doesn’t have 3G/UWA phone ability or at least I’m not aware of it. It has some WIFI but no phone. It runs ubuntu and it has an ebook pdf reader.

I hope this helps. ~~ David Marceau, July 21, 2009 at 13:54


WRT a device for carrying knowledge around we are going to approach the folks doing OpenZim. basically an open format for wikimedia content used in offline devices. And A long while ago I worked with a company that specialized in compressing the web ( 95% of which does not change on a daily basis)

I’m interested in your understanding of awesome sound.

WRT to RFs ( 3G etc) we would probably schedule that for later versions of the nanonote and look to add RFs in an Incremental fashion:

Ben: RFs (wifi) added through peripheral: SDIO Ya: RFs ( GSM,wifi) added through USB OTG support, Gps integrated ( since its rx only) Mu: RF (GSM) added through USB OTG. wifi and gps integrated. Guo: Everything integrated.

That, of course, is a strawman roadmap. One that everybody can throw rocks at ~~steve says, July 21, 2009 at 22:31

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