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[edit] Splash screen logo for Ben NanoNote

Ben NanoNote firmware is always on improving procces, in order to generate better experience of Ben NanoNote Users, as part of this improvements, aesthetic changes on GUI and booting process are on the go. One of this changes is the image showed at boot, as part of Qi-hardware we want to do that changes Community driven, so we are colecting proposals to change this image. We encourage all graphic designers, gimp afficionados, artist-wannabe developers :P, and any one else with an idea to participate.

[edit] Image requeriments

  • Not bigger than 320px (with) x 60px (height)
  • Not more than 220 colors
  • Image must be Copyleft licenced (as all in this wiki :P)

[edit] Date limit

You can summit the proposals until 20th May 2010, then the voting process will start.

[edit] Test you image in your Ben

Here is a tutorial on how to change the boot splash in Ben NanoNote.

[edit] Prize

Proud&satisfaction , when anyone will boot a Ben your image will be showed :P

[edit] Proposals

[edit] Notes


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