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JuanDurboraw03:41, 14 June 2012

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Ethernet over USB

I have been trying for months to get the ethernet over usb to work. Tried to do it in both Ubuntu 11.10 and Fedora 16 using the instructions on the wiki page but no success. I even replaced network manager with wicd and still no luck. Is there a trick to it that is missing from the wiki? I've searched all over the internet looking to see if anyone on any message boards has talked about this but I'm not seeing anything.

Zack06:25, 29 April 2012

Try looking at the instructions again as I've made a few updates. I found that Ubuntu would quickly remove the IPv4 address, but you can mark the address as "manual" in the interfaces file and then configure it yourself.

PaulBoddie20:48, 21 August 2012

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Many women find that short hair is perfect and even preferable during the warm Summer months. , Short hair is very easy to maintain and there is a short style to flatter every face shape. , Edgy and sculptured styles reminiscent of the bold styles of the 80s are extremely popular this summer. , Short layered pixie cuts with short spiky fringes are easy to maintain and can be styled to for formal or casual occasions making them a very commonly liked cut. ,

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Hx11121606:56, 22 December 2011

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We all want thick luscious hair but not all of us are blessed with such perfect locks. , There are plenty of styling products on the market that claim to give us the hair of our dreams however; these products often only provide a temporary solution. , Styling products that claim to boost the shine and strength of our hair are often only changing the way our hair appears to look and not the actual overall health of each strand. , As with other parts of our body, how your hair looks will depend on how well your body is functioning and how healthy you are. , The health of your body will depend on your lifestyle. If you are getting plenty of vitamins and minerals from the food you are eating then it is likely that you won't need to take any supplements. But if you need a little extra help then there are a variety of supplements you can take in order to improve your health. If you are looking to boost the look and health of your hair then cod liver oil could be the supplement for you. Cod liver oil can improve and sustain overall health, which can result in healthier looking hair. Cod liver oil is a nutritional supplement which has high levels of the Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, and very high levels of vitamin A and vitamin D. Sometimes even if you are a very healthy person you can have dry or brittle hair that lacks shine. The Omega-3 acids can be found in foods such as soybeans and certain types of nuts and seeds. The Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish such as mackerel and tuna are found in higher concentrations. Cod liver can come in either capsule or liquid form; the capsules tend to be more favourable as they don't smell as much as the liquid does. Omega-3 has hair growing properties as it provides nourishment to the follicles. This means that it can speed up the hair growth system and can also prevent hair loss. It is also important to consume a good supply of proteins in your diet in order to encourage hair growth. Often dull or lifeless hair is the result of a lack of Omega-3 acids in the diet and if you are unable to increase your intake via your diet alone then it might be worth considering taking cod liver oil supplements. Cod liver oil supplements provide essential nutrients for good overall health and will ensure that your scalp and hair follicles are getting all the necessary nutrients for effective growth. You will notice a difference in the look and feel of your hair after a period of taking cod liver oil, hair will be stronger, more durable, and shinier and the hair shaft will be smoother. The overall effect should be that hair is more manageable and less frizzy than before. The nutrients found in cod liver oil are not only beneficial for your hair but is also good for the health of your skin and bones. Omega-3 fatty acids cannot be produced within the body therefore must be obtained through supplements or through food. Omega-3 is essential for good health and is a worthwhile supplement to integrate into your lifestyle if you are looking to boost the health of your hair or just your overall health in general. For more information visit Article Alley.

Hx11121606:55, 22 December 2011

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If you're on the lookout for trendy and stylish purses, then you could want to consider the kinds to be had from the B Makowsky collection. ,

A few of their more in style designs come with the Revolt Tote, the Eden Client, the Portofino and the Lisbon. , With such a variety to make a choice from, making a call could be a tricky decision. ,

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2. Olympia Satchel

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Hx11121606:55, 22 December 2011

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Up until now, when cold, brisk winter weather set in and ladies needed to venture outdoors they e had one of two options: 1. , Throw on footwear that protects against the toughest elements but leaves you looking ready for an expedition up Everest. , 2. , Look fantastic and fashionable but prepare to freeze. ,

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There are several Hi-Tec Ion-Mask products to choose from this Winter:

?V-lite Hatha Quick-Zip 200i Classic styling married with ion-maskTM waterproofing and stay-clean technology creates the perfect winter weather union for your adventurous lifestyle. Features a medial quick-zip design for easy on and off and the new eco-cork footbed for a naturally anti-microbial boot. COLORS: White/Dolly Pink, Dark Chocolate/Sable, Black/Dark Grey, Honey/Golden Haze. MSRP: $105.

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Hx11121606:54, 22 December 2011

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Ya NanoNote feature requests

What do you want in the Ben successor, Ya NanoNote?

Wolfgang Spraul03:29, 31 March 2010

Solderless serial connector without interference with keyboard :P, IR (LIRC compatible) ,GPS, and/or some kind of low power modem radio like Jeelabs are using in his JeeNodes, I thing this tree "easy" to integrate peripherals can boost a lot the applications of such little device.

WIFI,BT are too much power hungry/complicated/qickevolving and bloated to include right now.

Tuxbrain09:41, 31 March 2010

I'm playing with my Ben Nanonote right now. Great little toy. :D

I'd love a Ya Nanonote with:

- integrated WiFi and/or Bluetooth (or at least: double SDIOHC slot and optional BT/WiFi cards)

- larger screen within current shell (why so large a bezel...)

- USB host

- higher capacity battery (2x-3x)

- optical mouse (like in Samsung SGH-i780: works wonders)

- backlighted keyboard

- smoother keyboard: Ben's keys are hard to press

- 2x-4x RAM

Fernando, 6 April 2010

Although it´s power hungry my wish for the Ya would be Wifi. Wifi really opens up a lot of possibilities. Also a larger screen / higher resolution would be great.

Regards, -Thomas

Td12:00, 9 April 2010

Some method of adding external peripherals or devices and external connectors for existing features.

Some thoughts that come to mind:

Several GPIOs - for implementing I2C, 1W, etc via bit-banging

CF - not just for flash, but also for CF WiFi, CF GPS, etc

WiFi - could be low power if a pair of decent antennas can be built in to the lid


ZigBEE - 1mW should be enough for anybody :)

Line-IN/mic connector

USB Host

UART connector (both ttyS0 and ttyS1 on the same connector)



An "expansion port" could be created that would combine more than one of these into a proprietary (but documented) interface using standard connectors, a single- or dual-row 0.1" pitch header (could be male or female), for example.

With the expansion port, it would be easy to create a prototyping board that would either plug directly into the port (remember the Handspring Springboard modules?) or would connect via a short ribbon cable. This would encourage development and help with troubleshooting.

With a little work, the external modules could supply power independently to the devices on the module or even power the Ya, appearing as a 2nd battery, reducing the need for a larger battery.

When using the expansion port or CF, etc, the device would not necessarily need to be contained within the Ya. For instance, the CF card connector could be about 1/4" inside the case, just enough to hold the card securely.


N3WWN17:33, 19 April 2010

if doing a expansion port, perhaps one could borrow the layout bug labs use on their modules?

T.s.o00:58, 12 July 2010

this port came to my attention:

T.s.o12:12, 28 August 2010

Some sort of wireless connectivity. Wifi, bluetooth, zigbee, anything would fine.

Zear17:15, 27 April 2010

Some sort of Pointing stick would be awesome! I would definitively buy one with this feature!

Urandom20:43, 30 April 2010

Thanks for writing this up!

Wolfgang Spraul01:56, 1 May 2010

kid of late but why not add a small vibrator small devices tend to have one to notify when something happen

Kristianpaul15:48, 18 July 2010

Ben already has vibrator, but nobody has dedicated some love to it

Tuxbrain01:47, 8 September 2010

Way a min, you mean it have the capacity to control it? or the tiny motor is hidden somewhere????? WHERE??

I'm aware of the Buzzer and yes nobody love it yet

Kristianpaul02:04, 8 September 2010

ups I confuse vibrator with buzzer :P, you can see the buzzer here is the circular thing on the right, I bet it should be not dificult to replace that buzzer with a vibrator.

Tuxbrain06:58, 8 September 2010

I am wondering whether Ya will still be Ingenic SoC based. I have some experience with JZ4750/JZ4755 based PMP/MID, so I'd like to give some suggestions. Though JZ4750 is more powerful, it is an BGA chip and is more complicated. However, it could support two SDIOs for WiFi and SD card, and it has USB Host and more GPIOs too. JZ4755 is QFP based and is cheaper and easier, however it only has one SDIO and no USB Host. Therefore you could support the SD slot and use the SD based WiFi Card instead. For the screen, JZ SoC uses SDRAM interface, therefore 32MB*2 RAM is popular. Of course, you could choose 64MB*2, but they are much more expensive. Considering the limit of CPU speed and RAM size, 4.3inch/480*272 screen is a better choice. If we do not care too much about the cost, we could use JZ4750 with SD(TF)/WiFi/FM/USBHost/Keyboard/UART/128RAM/StereoSPKer/CVBS/4.3inch480*272TouchScreen Or a easier design JZ4755/SD(WiFi)/FM/Keyboard/UART/64RAM/4.3inch480*272TouchScreen

Esuncloud01:56, 9 September 2010

An essential thing to add would be a NIC i.e wifi with a hardware on/off switch or an ethernet port.

also a normal sized USB host port to plug in regular USB accessories like memory and wifi sticks would be great

My wishlist:

- Wifi with on/off switch (would be amazing) , or ethernet port

- Normal sized USB host port

- Better serial interface

- 64mb RAM

- Widescreen to match the keyboard width, 16 September 2010

a jz4760 processor. at 700mhz, it would be almost useable as a normal computer.

Lkcl20:39, 25 February 2011

A small battery for RTC. Is is hard to implement? In Ben the time is reset once you remove the Battery or the the battery is drained for some time. which is very bad.

Also either there should be a line-in port or the line out port should be configureable as line-in/line-out/mic-in. I really look forward for Ya be be used as a good Digital storage Oscilloscope for moderate troubleshooting.

As earlier mentioned if the Piezo Buzzer is not finding much use case that it can be replaced with a vibrator.

Jeevasv11:06, 20 April 2011

Surely Wifi/BT/GPS/3G is the need for the day. For a device like this wireless connectivity is a must. Sure it drains the battery. But that is ok. Just implement a hard switch for those.

Jeevasv11:09, 20 April 2011

Things I think are in the realm of reality:

OLED display for lower power-consumption and better outdoor visibility.

More screen per lid (less of a huge border around the display).

More RAM (64M~256M).

A second SDIO slot.

Built in 802.14.5 "atben" with an internal antenna, and external antenna connector.

Optionally expandable battery.

Non-glossy display finish (hooray, glare).

Contention with other suggestions:

No Bluetooth/WiFi/3G built in, as we're trying to stay copyleft and steer clear of patent encumbered hardware. (end-users can use second SDIO slot for this if need be)


Perhaps (big perhaps, as OLED is expensive) a larger formfactor (like the Jornada 720).

A second CPU, or a single dual-core cpu. (preferably still MIPS-compatible)., 26 August 2011

Milkymist has almost all the features that I would like in Nanonote, better video capability, ethernet,VGA, etc. A companion device like a video player derived from Milkymist would be a good idea.

Radjovk19:22, 4 October 2011

I would like to suggest some changes in the Ben Nanonote keyboard. The dedicated arrow keys plus the volume keys could be replaced with number keys. (there will be 6 keys, need to find 4 more :)). The volume key actually could be moved to the side. It would be better if the keys usually used in command line the '>' and hyphen can operated without modifier key. At least there has to be locking for number keys. A home key also would be useful.

Radjovk17:51, 28 November 2011

If possible, either or both usb host and sd card slot not just microsd as there are a lot of fun devices that could viably be used then :D, 20 March 2012

Forgot, but maybe a minisd card slot. realy it just depends as microsd doesnt have many devices that use it yet or are available yet., 20 March 2012

my biggest wish is an integrated 3G modem. what I'm looking for is the cheapest, smallest, lightest computer for remote log-in into other computers. I have gnu screen sessions with always-on IRC, servers, my home NAS etc.

even the 3G plan would be affordable, transmitting text from and to unix terminal doesn't use up much bandwith. OpenWRT is an OS precisely made for networking and enabling internet access.

then in order of preference : - a higher screen resolution to cram in more text or make it more readable. 80 columns text

- bluetooth, this has many uses. small gamepads to play old console games, file transfer, limited network connection, audio, interfacing into micro-controller setups with a bluetooth/serial gateway, etc. But, SDIO bluetooth cards seem affordable. possibly the only common SDIO card.

- internal micro SD slot. I like that my expensive flash just doesn't hang outside.

- usb host. here you can plug in keyboard, a hub, powered or not, ethernet, wifi etc.

what I don't want

- wifi. power hungry, spectrum is crowded, public hotspots are filtered sometimes only allowing port 80 and 443. - ethernet : a RJ45 connector is too thick anyway. won't ever buy a laptop or netbook without ethernet but we can compromise on this and ethernet access can come through USB host or device. - huge memory or fast CPU

bonus specs : - video decoding hardware in the CPU, at least divx - FM radio just as with the Dingoo - whatever manages to fit in and costs nothing, 26 April 2012

No bluetooth. By default, bluetooth's UUID is visible. Hackers can detect bluetooth's UUID and hack the computer/tablet/phone.

No Trusted Platform Module (TPM) or ARM's equivalent of TPM which is TrustZone. Processor's serial number (PSN) not be read in userspace. Not be visible online.

Freebirds19:44, 27 June 2012
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