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In order to update the internal software on the Ben NanoNote using the script, you need to first install the xburst-tools on a host computer that will provide the software images to the NanoNote. Once this is done, run the following commands at a shell prompt:

chmod +x

Now boot your NanoNote into USB BOOT mode. As soon as this has been done, run This will download some pre-built images and (re)flash the NanoNote.

You may need elevated privileges to perform the reflashing and thus might need to use a command like sudo to achieve this:

sudo ./

xburst-tools may attempt to reboot your NanoNote automatically. If this fails, use the hardware reset button on the bottom of the device by sticking the end of a paperclip or other thin, blunt object into the hole.

If the process was successful, after about 20 seconds, the NanoNote will boot into GMenu2X GUI. there is a Terminal Section under Gmenu2x or you can switch to a console by pressing Alt+Ctrl+F1/F2/F3/F4. To get from the console back to GMenu2X GUI, press Alt+Ctrl+F5.

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