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An exact language policy for the Qi Hardware wiki has not yet been defined. An initial idea is that every page can be available in multiple languages when needed, using the PageName/code location, where code is one of the standard MediaWiki language codes, for example

/es => 'Español',	# Spanish
/fr => 'Français',	# French
/zh-hant => '中文(繁體)', #Traditional Chinese
/zh-hans => '中文(简体)', #Simplified Chinese

See [[1]] for a full list.

If you want to add a translation to a page that does not yet have any translations, you first need to add a new line containing


to the existing page. That will make the language selector appear on the page.

Then you need to create a new translated page by taking the page name from the URL, and appending /language-code to it. For example, if you wanted to add Simplified Chinese to the Main Page, you would need to create a new page "Main_Page/zh-hans". To create a new page, enter the page name in the search field, press 'Go', then 'create a new page'.

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