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The Peace Tree, cast by Gia Japaridze

Think of Qi Hardware like a free software project, but about hardware.

Our policies and values are rooted in free software. We are preferably using GPL version 3 to protect the freedom of our works. When it's not source codes we are using Creative Common's CC-BY Share-Alike license.

Qi hardware is copyleft hardware, which makes it possible for anybody, small or large companies as well as individuals, to build hardware out of standard high-performance components. Copyleft hardware is a way to leverage free software, you can expect good free software support for copyleft hardware.

When you buy copyleft hardware, you know that your money goes towards hardware that is designed to coexist peacefully with free software.

If you want to make copyleft hardware for others, you can start from proven designs, the help of services and tools of the Qi servers, and good free software support for your hardware.

Copyleft hardware is a young movement, please don't hesitate to share your thoughts and feedback with us in a way that is convenient to you:

Forum: http://en.qi-hardware.com/forum
Instant Messaging (Chat): http://en.qi-hardware.com/webchat
(if you have an IRC client you can also go to the #qi-hardware channel on Freenode)
Email: discussion@lists.en.qi-hardware.com
Twitter: #qihardware

To stay informed, add the Qi RSS feed http://en.qi-hardware.com/feed/rss20.xml to your newsreader, or subscribe to our email announcements list.

If you have business inquiries, as a buyer or producer, and prefer to contact someone privately, please consult the following list of copyleft hardware companies and service providers:

Name Contact Notes
Elphel (USA) info@elphel.com
IDA Systems (India) info@idasystems.net
Sharism (Hong Kong) info@sharism.cc
Tuxbrain (Spain) info@tuxbrain.com
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