Press release: Nanowar of Steel, copyleft hardware featuring copyleft music

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September 15, 2010 08:00 AM Central European Time


Dear friends,
for Tuxbrain it is with pride that we announce that a project of ours, other members of the Qi Hardware community, Jlime community and the heavy rock band Nanowar of Steel, is now being released.

Nanowar of Steel, a band that releases their music under Creative Commons licences has launched their new album Into Gay Pride Ride, and has used the Ben NanoNote, a Copyleft Hardware device as an alternative platform in addition to the classical CD release.

Taking advantage of the multimedia capabilities of the Ben NanoNote, there are images, pictures, photos and videos of the band preinstalled on the device as well, together with the applications coming with our Jlime GNU/Linux distribution.

You can see a blog post with further information at:

Whatever you personal interest in the device or music is, I think the initiative itself has enough value to beg for your collaboration in spreading this announcement in your blogs,, Twitter, Facebook, or whatever means you have at your hands.

Thank you all and a big hug from your Copyleft Hardware provider Tuxbrain.

[1] Nanowar of Steel band homepage:

[2] Into Gay Pride Ride album, full download (CC-BY-SA):

[3] NanoNote Special Edition, 99 EUR + shipping:

EDITORS PLEASE NOTE: To request more information or find out about obtaining a NanoNote for review, please contact:

David Reyes Samblas Martinez, +34-93-706-9787

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