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The copyleft hardware planet brings together in one place all serious contributions to copyleft hardware we can find in the world. If you believe there is another blog or news source we should add, tell us about it on the discussion page, or email

To read the actual planet, please click here or to the left under Navigation click on Planet.

[edit] What's in the planet

A quick introduction to what's in the planet now:

[edit] Blogs to watch

Some blogs were considered for inclusion in the planet but currently don't fit, for example because they

  • mix few high quality posts with a lot of low quality posts
  • license their works under licenses that exclude commercial use or derivative works
  • have no RSS or Atom feed
  • only contain industry/sales news, with no attempts at enlightenment or sharing knowledge

You may still find them interesting so they are listed here.

  • Adafruit, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits
  • Arduino, open-source electronics prototyping platform
  •, fun technology cartoon
  • Chipworks, Technolog Blog - Technical Competitive Analysis (proprietary license)
  • Chris Fenton, Home to a cunning artificer (no RSS feed)
  • Copenhagen Suborbitals, open source space endeavor (no RSS feed)
  • Dangerous Prototypes, A new open source hardware project every month
  • DIY Drones, Amateur UAVs, Contests, Resources and More (no good RSS feed)
  • DorkbotPDX, People doing strange things with electricity (posts about proprietary tools)
  • EEVBlog, Electroncis Engineering Video Blog
  • Fairwaves, open source and SDR communications (blog is Russian only)
  • FPGA ARCADE, Programmable Gaming Hardware
  • Freaklabs, Open Source ZigBee Blog
  • Fritzing, interactive electronics (couldn't find quality rss feed yet)
  • FUNcube Dongle, A radio that's out of this world! (too frequent, only commercial announcements)
  • Future Chips, blog by Aater Suleman (no copyleft focus)
  • FUTUREPICTURE, should be included via Dan Reetz' blog
  • Gadget Factory, community to create a Rapid Electronics Design Environment (REDe) based on FPGA and CPLD technology
  • Gnusha, Open Hardware Cooperative
  •, Xarxa Oberta, Lliure i Neutral Internet per a Tothom (too frequent, Catalan)
  • harkopen, open source hardware community
  • Hex Blog, About IDA Pro, decompilation, programming, binary program analysis, information security
  • HiQSDR, Software Defined Radio Transceiver (couldn't find RSS feed)
  • Hughski ColorHug, open source colorimeter (couldn't find RSS feed)
  • Image Sensors World, News and discussions about image sensors (too frequent, mostly industry news)
  • Jee Labs, computing stuff tied to the physical world
  • Micropendous, Atmel USB AVR development boards (couldn't find high quality feed)
  • MightyOhm, Mighty Ohm electronics blog (a bit too random, too much proprietary tech)
  • Open Hardware Repository, a place on the web for electronics designers to collaborate on open hardware designs
  • OLPC//News, One Laptop Per Child News
  • Open Circuit Design, home of Magic, IRSIM, Netgen, PCB, and XCircuit (no RSS feed)
  • OpenPandora, handheld gaming console built on open source principles
  • OpenPCR, open polymerase chain reaction kit (rss feed doesn't work)
  • openPICUS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Open Hardware platform for Wireless sensor and Internet of Things
  •, Open Spectrum Foundation blog (too frequent, not original)
  • OSHW GNSS, Open Source Hardware GNSS Receiver (empty, maybe related to Takuji Ebinuma)
  • OSQZSS, Takuji Ebinuma's GPS-SDR blog (Japanese)
  • Pinguino, Arduino-like board based on a PIC Microcontroller
  • Raumfahrt Agentur, excellent blog but planetplanet cannot read from https
  • RepRap, self-replicating free desktop 3D printer
  • Screaming Circuits, prototype PCB assembly
  • Whirlygig RNG, Whirlygig GPL Hardware Random Number Generator
  • WhiteSpace Alliance, 802.22 Industry Group (too boring)
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