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This page is to describe that info of PCB industry.


[edit] PCB Fabrication

[edit] PCB Structures

[edit] How to order your own PCB

Before ordering your own PCB, you need to know some technical information has been provided in vendor site and your board design. Ex. gerber files and drill file. Choosing a suitable PCB maker possessed full capabilities to meet your gerber and drill files. So understanding a clear and concise PC board technical guide, you can familiarize yourself with suitable PCB manufacturing capabilities. The quality and versatility of PCB fabrication services will be evident when you look through this introduction. Here you are given below.

[edit] Number of Layer

  • 2 ~ 24, HDI; Sample Boards
  • 2 ~ 24, HDI; Batch Boards(Large Scale)

[edit] Finished Board Size

Board Size means that panel in for example 18" X 24" (457.2 X 609.6 mm). Each panel may include only one piece of cpb design board or combined several boards.

[edit] Board Thickness

Specific dimension with tolerance, like 1.6mm in width.

[edit] Finished Board Thickness Tolerance

Normally the tolerance will be 10% of board thickness. It depends on maker's productive capabilites.

[edit] Drilled Hole Diameter(MAX/MIN)

It classify into two kinds of drilling. One is mechanical drill, the other is laser drill. A lasor currently can have minimum 4 mil of drill hole in diameter. A normal design for mechanical drill size is 10 mil of drill hole in diameter.

[edit] Dielectric Material

[edit] Outer Layer Line Width/Spacing

[edit] Inter Layer Line Width/Spacing

[edit] SolderMask Thickness

[edit] SolderMask Plug Hold Diameter

[edit] Impedance Tolerance

[edit] Surface Processing

  • OSP
  • Immersion Tim
  • Immersion Gold

[edit] Flammability

[edit] PCB Manufacturers

[edit] Links

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