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[edit] Guidelines for packages added to openwrt-packages

openwrt-packages is a Qi Hardware project that provides an additional feed for OpenWRT so that packages in openwrt-packages are available to be compiled.

These are some guidelines we can follow when adding packages to openwrt-packages. Please edit them.

  • Follow OpenWRT guidelines for packages ( if any)
  • Use Debian as a guide
  • A copyright file should be included with each package
  • Binaries should be stripped of debugging symbols

[edit] Using Debian as a guide

If Debian includes the package in main then it's probably OK to include in openwrt-packages.

If Debian excludes the package from their repositories then thought should be given to whether we wish to include the package at all. What about non-free?

Sometimes, Debian includes parts of packages such as in the case of VICE. In this case, Debian includes everything except the kernal, basic and chargen blobs. We should consider doing the same.

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