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NanoNote Personalities Program[1]

The NanoNote should offer different "spins" offering different types of functionality, aka "personalities".

Example personalities:

  • graphing calculator
  • electronic spelling dictionary / translator
  • travel buddy (wikitravel / openstreetmap)
  • puzzle games
  • beginner programming languages (python, pascal, etc)
  • PDA
  • Gutenberg ebooks reader
  • VOIP phone

Every personality would be available both as a downloadable image and preinstalled on SD cards sold as NN accessories. Every SD card would have a custom sticker to show at a glance which personality is installed on it. There would be a little case or slipcover for the NN that would include a little compartment for an SD collection.

Company responsibilities:

  • Pay an artist to work with personality development teams on a splashscreen + tiny SD sticker art for each team
  • Pay good tech writers to develop user guides for each personality; bonus points for paying tech writers to help out on developer docs!!
  • Provide hosting for personality development teams, but also support mirroring of install images for teams that want to use their own server
  • Hire knowledgable and good-tempered customer support engineers willing to shield developers from grumpy customers and customers from grumpy developers
  • Handle retail of the pre-installed SDs, including the custom stickers for branding (also offer stickers separately for those who want to download images to already-owned SD)
  • Offer to donate some portion of pre-installed SD / sticker profit to project designated by leaders of corresponding dev team

Developer team responsibilities:

Most of the personalities would use the openwrt base, but some of the ones intended for hacking might slap the NN kernel into another embedded distro, e.g. a gentoo embedded experiment (gentoo has mips support).

  • Work with artist to come up with custom splashscreen and SD sticker art
  • Make sure the official splashscreen for the personality gets displayed at boot
  • Answer questions from tech writer regarding user guide

[1] "program" in the sense of "something you can participate in", not in the sense of "code a computer executes"

p.s. Stephanie Lockwood-Childs, leader of Santa Barbara Linux Group, is author of NanoNote Personalities Program:


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