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This page keeps track of the road to manufacturing the Milkymist One Boards. Currently the development of software by Milkymist community is moving. You can subscribe their devel list at Milkymist-devel mailing list.


[edit] Hardware Development

Item Description Planned Start date Status
Release RC2 Schematics, Milkymist One Schematic Change History Aug. 25th Done
BOM Released Sep. 24th Done
Schematics Reviewing Milkymist One Schematic Change History Sep. 24th Done
Part Sourcing Surveying and Quoting, See BOM Sep. 28th Done
Parts Ordered Order Status, See Sourcing Status column of BOM, finished orders confirmed Oct. 11th Done
Layout Criteria Preparation Criteria for Key Parts Layout and others, 80% follows RC1. See Milkymist One Layout Criteria Sep. 29th Done
Placement for routing added parts and err on RC1 Place added Parts, see here. Oct. 11th Done
Footprint Review See here for all. Oct. 12th Done
PCB Layout Files Review Milkymist One RC2 Layout History, or see here Oct. 18th Done
Generate Gerber/Drill Files Nov. 8th Done
Gerber/Drill Files Review review for the preparation and process of manufacturing Nov. 9th Done
Gerber-Out to PCB maker PCBs Nov. 10th Done
AI File Generation For SMT process Nov. 9th Done
PCB Back Check Confirm PCB quality Nov. 17th Done
Stencil Making For SMT solder paste process used, See pdf file here. This date prior to SMT date Done
RC2 SMT/AOI/DIP Refer. to RC1 SMT & DIP Process Nov. 30th ~ Dec. 2th Done
X-Ray Inspection Xray for some RC2_boards Done
Test Test Plan Dec. 6th Done
Results known issue Dec. 11th Done

[edit] Mechanical Case Development

[edit] Packaging Parts & Accessories

  • 5V +/- 5% regulated adapter, 2A, DC10 plug (Fonera would work) - need to think about this, maybe add locally in destination countries

[edit] Certification

[edit] Markets

[edit] Software Development

For more software details, please subscribe Milkymist-devel mailing list or joining this community.

  • Chitlesh Goorah announced support for the Milkymist toolchain in fedora Electronic Lab, and setup a project tracking page.

[edit] Previous Schedule

Milkymist One run 1 schedule

[edit] Next Schedule

Milkymist One run 3 schedule

[edit] Reference

  3. Hexagonal Threaded Space
  4. Plastic Fastener

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