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This page keeps track of the road to manufacturing the Milkymist One Boards.


Item Description Planned Start date Status
Schematics Schematics Released about Milkymist One by Sebastien Done
BOM Parts List released by Sebastien Done
Schematics Reviewing Collects Comments from Milkymist Developement list Done
Part Sourcing Surveying and Quoting Done
Parts Ordered Order Status Feb. 26 Done
Footprint Review March 18 Done
Layout Criteria Preparation Criteria for Key Parts Layout and others Feb. 22 Done
Placement for Layout Place Key Parts March. 27 Done
PCB Layout Files Review Review Routed Folder/Files, layout notes could be recorded in this stage April 16 Done
Generate Gerber/Drill Files May 19 Done
Gerber/Drill Files Review Review those files for SMT/DIP process May 19 Done
Gerber-Out to PCB maker Checklist file, Start Producing PCBs May 19 Done
AI File Generation For SMT process May 19 Done
PCB Back Check Confirm PCB quality ETA May 31 Done
Stencil Making For SMT solder paste process used by stencil file sent out May 31 Done
SMT & DIP Process Process in Manufacturer June 8 Done
X-Ray Inspection BGA soldering check June 14 Done
Test Easy Power Voltage & Signals check June 14 Done


For more software details, please subscribe Milkymist-devel mailing list or joining this community.

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