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[edit] Milkymist One Firsts

  • First time VJing made so simple anyone can do it.
  • First freely programmable graphics accelerator.
  • First product using the GPL licensed 32-bit Milkymist SoC.
  • First ARM competitor with new business model.
  • First collaboratively designed and owned, patent-free computing architecture. By the people for the people.

[edit] Feature Challenges

Q: Output resolution is currently 640x480 pixels, 16 color bits per pixel, 24 frames per second. When can I get more?

A: More resolution is not currently available, a software update will be available when this feature be ready. Thats one the goals to possibly achieve in future developments. Theoretical hardware maximum is 1280x1024 pixels, 24bpp, 60fps. Stay tuned!

Q: Can't I use a computer, video card and VJ software to do what Milkymist One can do?

A: You could, but Milkymist One has lower latency and integrated peripherals such as DMX and MIDI, and is easier to setup (because smaller) and maintain like any other appliance.

Q: I want a control screen separate from the rendering screen.

A: No support for dual-head planned at this time. Software updates could at some point support a web-browser interface.

Q: Can I record or stream performances over the Internet?

A: Possible as software update, rough timeline would be within 12 months

Q: Can I supply still or moving pictures on a USB stick?

A: Possible as software update, but not on roadmap for the foreseeable future.

Q: Can I connect MIDI-over-USB devices?

A: We don't support MIDI-over-USB yet, but you can use true MIDI keyboards or instruments.

[edit] Links to Shops, Communities, Companies, Projects, Technologies

Synchronator, Schneider's Buero/Laden Berlin, Cargo Distribution UK, Coulette Paris, Turntable Lab NY, Moog
roh: Said to be one of the nicest devices for 'making elektronic music' due to its flexibility. there was some talk about building a new one, but so far it hasnt gotten of the ground again. old ones around are traded for good money and the community is still alive. maybe one could talk to them and see of teaming up to promote open source. What would it would take to make m1 useable for people who wrote code for the chameleon before? As in 'have real world experience with users on the resulting device/platform'. They use a 100mips 24bit dsp, fixed point. They use RTEMS, on the coldfire cpu (40mhz) From a first glimpse: some of the dsp code is or can be written in that specific asm and they provide you with an sdk to compile code for the dsp as well as libs to load the dsp with binaries from rtems (via header-includes etc). So porting something would mean removing the panel code (well.. there are 3 buttons and leds on mm1) and adding either compat layers to replicate the platform or rewriting that code portions. ah.. and redoing the asm code and or find a way to reuse it.

[edit] Headlines

"visual power unleashed"
"It's an instrument, not a studio."
"from music to VJing in 3 minutes"
"open source graphics acceleration"
"when you need visuals, use Milkymist One"
"hardware acceleration ala carte"
"visual programming, programming visuals"
"programming high performance visuals"
"the highest performance visuals, accessible in an easy programming language"
"FOSS goes visual"
"free software sculpture"
"cool animations out of the box"
"no need to be a VJ to get it work"
"graphics freedom box"
"music in motion"
"How a group of 10 people could build an entirely new computing platform"
"The first freedom box arrives, on the freedom channel not on the sales channel"
"the successor of the Scanimate has arrived"

[edit] What needs to be explained

  • What is VJing?
  • Milkymist One - past, present, future
  • what are the ancestors of Milkymist One in computing? Where on the chart of computing history does m1 show up? m1 is the successor of? For fun see Scanimate - "The Animated Computer" "the employees didn't get a paycheck. in fact, they contributed 5 dollars each month to buy parts"

[edit] Milkymist One Workflow

  • DJs use Ableton Live, Serato
VJ software

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