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To fully make use of Milkymist One functionality, you may need following accessories. Some of them come with the Milkymist One set when you buy it. Some of them you need to prepare yourself. You don't have to have all of them in order to use Milkymist One. It all depends on what you use Milkymist One for.


[edit] unboxing experience

  • pieces can be heard falling around when shaking the box
  • the "Milkymist One" and "CCD Camera" labels around the power cords are not very tight, glue too weak

[edit] controllers

[edit] Electro-mechanical Devices

[edit] Milkymist One Best Practice

  • current best practice by Werner (2011-11-07) brain dump
- color controls on faders
- wave amplitude (audio sensitivity) on a pot
- offset from center on a big fader
- zoom/blur and rotation speed on the pad (just because the pad was free)
- what's nice about the pad is that it's very fast. this is particularly interesting for rotation. there i can "wiggle" the arms of a star pattern by rolling my finger. or make pulsed rotation by holding one point and tapping another. joysticks may be inferior in that regard. but let's see.

[edit] Products

[edit] box

  • The Milkymist One box is designed to fit into a Fedex Medium Box. We are currently targeting a shipping weight of 2.0 KG.
  • Milkymist One box: outside dimensions 33.0 cm x 28.3 cm x 5.6 cm
  • Fedex Medium Box: inside dimensions 33.66 cm x 29.21 cm x 6.03 cm, 213 g
  • Fedex 10 KG Box: inside dimensions 40.16 cm x 32.86 cm x 25.88 cm, 822 g (4 M1 retail boxes will fit inside)
  • Fedex 25 KG Box: inside dimensions 54.8 cm x 42.1 cm x 33.5 cm, 1616 g (10 M1 retail boxes will fit inside)
  • m1 protected by EVA
  • example box design
M1 box closed.jpg
M1 box opening.jpg
M1 box outer box.jpg
M1 box opened.jpg
M1 box accessory on bottom.jpg
M1 box device in box1.jpg
M1 box device in box2.jpg
M1 box add top cover.jpg
M1 box device holder.jpg
M1 box move holes.jpg
M1 box increase length.jpg
M1 box inner parts.jpg
M1 box add lip.jpg
M1 box magazine2.jpg
M1 box accessories divider.jpg
Samsung P410 box.jpg
Optoma PK301 box.jpg
Small box2.jpg
Small box1.jpg (whole thing, especially around 2:45 and after 3:30)

[edit] labels and stickers

  • on bottom acrylic: product label (no made in, no MAC)
  • on bottom acrylic: 'MAC Address: xxx' - to be glued under product label, RC3 is 10-E2-D5-00-00-2F..00-00-7E - see IEEE_OUI_assignments
  • on box: 'Made in Taiwan'
  • 'Milkymist One' for power cable, 'CCD Camera' for camera power cable
  • labels on m1 and camera power supply? - see below under power supply
  • larger/new Milkymist sticker? ("video synthesizer") - not urgent, can do later
  • "Milkymist" brand on silicone keyboard - requires MOQ of 300
  • custom printing on remote control - requires MOQ of 1000

[edit] case

  • we buy acrylic cases from
M1 case violet 5.JPG
M1 case violet.JPG
M1 dmx video.jpg

[edit] power supply

Milkymist One requires a 5V DC 2A power supply (A p/n:SCD441CPS011B00G DC power jack).

Sharism 5V 2000mA KS032940 s54878.pdf
Sharism 12V 300mA KS032941 S54877.pdf

#5 came with 12V battery pack
#6 came with Optoma PK-301 projector
#7 Elementech (Optoma) replacable mains plug
#8 sent from szoboke for OBK-2010CW camera
#9 came with Samsung P410 projector
#10 Cheap 5V DC supply
#11 Cheap 12V DC supply
#12 Linear 12V supply, heavy brick, 220-240V only
#13 Planet POE-152 power over Ethernet 48V supply
#14 Power over Ethernet 48V injector
#15 Cheap USB 5V supply

[edit] battery

  • Milkymist One is not currently designed to be battery operated, but it only consumes about 5W so we will start to collect data on battery vendors and solutions.

Battery vendors:

Vendor Notes

Has some large batteries like MiLi Power Queen and MiLi Power King. Parent company Hali-power.

Many other products but also batteries.

Large batteries from 70 to 180 Wh.
TPOS / ionic


A few smaller phone and notebook batteries.

A few phone batteries - Z5 5000mAh, Z6 6600mAh.

Beijing Hornberg, seems like a trading company mostly, but may have some good battery solutions still. Solar chargers, some batteries.
  • Some Western brands are, New Trent, powergen, tecknet, cyberpower. Probably mostly sourced in China.
  • Other Websites:,,,,,

[edit] projectors

  • Tested: Samsung P310, Optoma PK-301, Microvision ShowWX+

[edit] screen

  • Currently Milkymist One only supports analog VGA output at a resolution of 640x480 pixels.

[edit] USB Video

[edit] IR remote control

  • The current Infrared detection code in the Milkymist SoC only supports RC-5 remote controls that meet certain timing criteria.
  • It is currently hardcoded to support the JAECS T003 remote control which is included with Milkymist One since RC3.
  • The T003 control we are including does not have Milkymist-specific design, JAECS demands an MOQ of 1000 pieces for custom prints, at a price of about 60 NTD / remote control.
  • vendors: JAECS/Taiwan, Jye Tai/Taiwan
T003 Front.jpg

[edit] cables

cable makers:
Shenzhen Choseal Industrial Co., Ltd.:
Shenzhen Millionwell Technology:

Trs trs audio cable scaled.JPG
Choseal Q-560A trs-trs audio 1.8m, 8.5 RMB/pc, 50g
Ethernet cable scaled.JPG
Millionwell RJ45 cat5e ethernet 2.0m, 6.0 RMB/pc, 62g
Upward 90 degree USB cable scaled.JPG
Fukang upward 90 degree USB (for jtag/serial) 1.5m, 3.5 RMB/pc, 40.4g
Choseal Q-706 RCA-RCA video 1.8m, 5.6 RMB/pc, 91 g
Choseal Q-304 trs-RCA audio 1.8m, 5.8 RMB/pc, 79 g
  • TV-out
Software currently doesn't support it, but if it would the following VGA to TV-out adapters (S-Video and RCA) could make sense:
Here's the pinout we would want
notice the DDC (12-15) loop, that's nice to auto-detect the cable, and not present in the ones Xiangfu bought (also see [1] and [2])
  • MIDI to USB
Practical usefulness and software side not clear now, but might be an idea (Werner [3])

[edit] video in

Milkymist One has a triple RCA jack analog video-in connector (SCPRE datasheet), connected to an Analog Devices ADV7181B video decoder (datasheet). The only officially supported and tested input mode is PAL composite over the green jack right now. Support for NTSC, SECAM, component video, or even multiple multiplexed signals may be possible but is currently unsupported.

[edit] Milkymist One camera comparison

  • Current favorite: 1/3' ' Sony color CCD sensor, M12 lens mount for 'normal' lens (not pinhole), fixed zoom, weatherproof case, 12V

Landscape is same for every picture, results may vary depending on camera and type of lenses been tested. All pictures were taken from a LCD Screen using a canon A470 camera. Brightness in flickernoise was changed, this values was kept during all the test Flickernoisebright.jpg

[edit] TODO

  • What is the quality difference between 420 TV lines and 520 TV lines 1/3' ' Sony CCD sensors?
  • How important is infrared illumination?
  • How about black & white sensors?
  • How important is a (manual) zoom lense? Good to adjust to location?

[edit] OBK-3030CP4

  • market price: 180 RMB = 27.40 USD
  • manufacturer price: 130 RMB = 19.81 USD
  • manufacturer:
  • 1/4' ' color sharp ccd, 12v
  • connector on metal case? 4-pin: video out (yellow), gnd, 12V (red), voice (white)
  • M12 lense mount, pinhole lense

OBK-3030CP4.JPG OBK-3030CP4 DefaultLense TestLandScape.jpg

Colors are not natural

[edit] OBK-3130C

  • market price: 210 RMB = 31.97 USD
  • manufacturer price: 145 RMB = 22.09 USD
  • 1/3' ' color sony ccd, 12v
  • same 4-pin connector as OBK-3030CP4
  • M12 lense mount

OBK-3130C.JPG OBK-3130C DefaultLense TestLandScape.jpg

Image quality is good and lag is not so high

[edit] SS-208C

  • market price: 85 RMB = 12.95 USD
  • documentation talks about "Programmable IC bus function: Color saturation, brightness and contrast ratio, self balance, exposure time and 2 times gain" - not sure how this can work
  • M12 lense mount
  • cable directly coming out of metal case (no connector)

SS-208C.JPG SS-208C DefaultLense TestLandScape.jpg

Image is good but misses some resolution, camera not react quickly if you change light sources

[edit] XL-3012CP4

  • market price 290 RMB = 44.15 USD
  • M9 lense mount, hard to find lenses

[edit] M12 lenses bought separately, mounted on OBK-3130C

OBK-3130C TallestLense Batch1.jpg
Left (Lense 1): wide angle (2.x mm?), 50 RMB
OBK-3130C MediumLense Batch1.jpg
Center (Lense 2): 6 mm (?), 15 RMB
OBK-3130C SmallerLense Batch1.jpg
Right (Lense 3): 8 mm (?), 15 RMB


Pending label each lense with proper names and optical specs

[edit] flash memory card

  • RTEMS supports only FAT16 right now, so any memory card is practically limited to 2 GB.
  • The current RTEMS memory card driver is read-only and disabled in the standard firmware.
  • A FAT-16 formatted and tested 2 GB memory card is included with every Milkymist One starting from RC3.

[edit] keyboard

Not all keyboards work with Milkymist One today, though all can be supported with software updates.

Many Apple keyboards have an integrated USB hub that is not yet supported. Others may not work partially or at all for reasons such as report format, interface configuration, timing.

Keyboard support map:

USB ID Brand Status

Microsoft Corp. Natural Keyboard Elite


Microsoft Natural Kbd.jpg

  • works (2012-01-26 Werner-interim)

Microsoft Corp. Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 V1.0


Microsoft Curve Kbd.jpg

  • works (2011-11-29 release)

Cherry GmbH My3000 Keyboard


Cherry My3000 Kbd.jpg

  • works (2011-11-29 release)

Holtek Semiconductor, Inc.

  • works (2011-11-29 release)
  • 85 keys silicone keyboard

Holtek Semiconductor, Inc.

  • only keyboard working(2011-11-29 release)
  • keyboard and mouse combo
  • this patch is work around, we better handle the report configure

Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd
Wireless keyboard/mouse

Rapoo 1800
  • keyboard and mouse combo
  • only keyboard working(2011-11-29 release)
  • this patch is work around, we better handle the report configure

Apple, Inc. Pro Keyboard
[Mitsumi, A1048/US layout]

  • does not work because of integrated USB hub

GreenAsia Inc.

no-name silicone keyboard

Silicone Kbd GreenAsia.jpg

  • works (2011-11-29 release)
  • 116 keys silicone keyboard
  • bought in Jan 2012 for 13 EUR at Media Markt Homburg/Germany

GreenAsia Inc.

(fake) Logitech

SiGma Micro

  • works
  • low-cost keyboard bought in Beijing for 45 RMB

Holtek Semiconductor, Inc.

N950 mini keyboard
  • only keyboard working

Wireless remote keyboard vendors:

Vendor Notes


Best vendor - we chose the RT-MWK01 to be included with Milkymist One.

Samples we received had problems: 69: doesn't work at all, freezes when plugging in. 51: tap on touchpad is not very sensitive. 52: is good, but expensive with built-in remote that we don't need. Backlight on all is so-so.

They have a large variety of models, but the samples we received from them showed serious quality issues, such as badly functioning backlight, unsensitive touchpad, partially stuck keys.

We did not proceed to sampling stage with Zoweetek.

It looked like they were not very serious about wireless keyboards.

Silicone keyboard vendors:

Vendor Notes

  • based in Shenzhen
  • Liming keyboard included in RC3 retail boxes
  • Windows logos are removed (+1 RMB), but printing 'Milkymist' brand on it would have MOQ of 300
  • RoHS compliant
  • Silicone is relatively prone to dust sticking on it, cleaning suggestion is to use a wet cloth.

  • based in Shenzhen
  • Shuotai used GreenAsia IC and thus didn't work on earlier firmwares - probably fixed by now.
  • RoHS compliant

  • based in Dongguan
  • we found their keyboards to be the best quality and our quality standard, but company was unresponsive
  • BRK1000, 38.5 RMB
  • BRK7000, 86 keys, 250g, 17.5 RMB
  • BRK1241, 168g, 330*130*9 mm, 24 RMB
  • BRK1241 uses plastic on left side and single layer silicone, BRK7000 is 3-layer silicone. BRK7000 is better then BRK1241.
  • Not making TYMP61 anymore, 'sound was too bad' (?)
Diya Silicone

Xishui Silicone

  • never contacted
  • based in Shenzhen

[edit] mouse

Not all mice work with Milkymist One today, though all can be supported with software updates.

Differences are low-speed vs. high-speed USB or unusual report formats. Watch for old mice without wheel, mice with high resolution, other unusual report configurations. The report configuration is basically encoded in a little script the mouse sends to the host. softusb ignores that completely and instead uses a hard-coded layout. Werner added two special cases to that hard-coded layout to support more devices. It's not any less dirty than it was before, but at least more things work.

USB ID Brand Status

Trust International B.V. Mouse


M-ZONE mouse.jpg

* works (2012-01-26 Werner-interim)

Chic Corp. Inland Pro 4500/5000 Mouse

no-name Optical Mouse

No-name Optical Mouse.jpg

* works (2012-01-26 Werner-interim)

LG Optical Mouse 3D-310


Hama mouse.jpg

* works (2012-01-26 Werner-interim)

Logitech, Inc. Optical Wheel Mouse

Logitech Wheel Mouse

Logitech Wheel Mouse.jpg

* works (2012-01-26 Werner-interim)

Trust International B.V.
USB+PS/2 Optical Mouse

base xx

Base xx mouse.jpg

  • almost unusable, vertical movement extremely fast, horizontal very slow (2012-01-26 Werner-interim)
  • the X/X Report Size is 12
       Usage Page (Desktop),       ; Generic desktop controls (01h)
       Usage (X),                  ; X (30h, dynamic value)
       Usage (Y),                  ; Y (31h, dynamic value)
       Logical Minimum (-2048),
       Logical Maximum (2047),
       Report Size (12),
       Report Count (2),
       Input (Variable, Relative),
045e:074f Microsoft Arc Mouse
  • does not work
  • lsusb dump
  • lsusb -t: Port 2: Dev 9, If 0, Class=HID, Driver=usbhid, 12M
  • this patch is work around, we better handle the report configure

[edit] USB

USB ID Brand Status
0bda:2838 lsusb

Realtek Semiconductor Corp

EZCAP DVB-T FM DAB (EZTV 668 xxxxxxx)


* does not work, BIOS give:
USB: HC: Full speed device on port B
USB: HC: RX timeout error
... (5 more timout error)
USB: HC: VID: 0BDA, PID: 2838
USB: HC: RX timeout error
... (3 more timout error)
USB: HC: Found unsupported device
1c88:0007 lsusb

Somagic, Inc



* does not work, BIOS give:
USB: HC: Full speed device on portB
USB: HC: VID: 1C88, PID: 0007
USB: HC: Found unsupported device
USB: HC: Device disconnect on port B
[552d:4348] lsusb

usb midi converter

Chip inside:

SPCP866A-EG021 MFS9247.1 1113
NO Brand. taobao link


* MIDI-IN show up. didn't test well yet.
1d03:0028 lsusb

i-Creative ICON

iCreativ ICON

ICON usb midi controller.JPG

* works fine, MIDI message information:
slider   : c0.7,  e1: c0.40,  e2: c0.41,  e3: c0.42,  e4: c0.43
Piano    : c0.11, give Note under m1
Pad      : Give noting under midi2osc
Control  : c0.102 ~ c0.109 from left to right
X/Y      : c0.12(X) c0.13(Y)
Arpeggio : Give 'unrecognized MIDI event' under midi2osc
         : give changing Note under m1.
Clip     : Give 'unrecognized MIDI event' under midi2osc
         : give changing Note under m1, same as Arpeggio
0a4d/00f1 lsusb

Evolution Electronics, Ltd

X-Session Driver

Xsession pro usb midi controller.JPG

* works fine

[edit] DMX

there are stage Fire Machine, Fog Machine, Haze Machine, Snow Machine, Lighting Machine

[edit] MIDI

  • MIDI keyboard with joystick and slider, used at Masala concert in Warsaw [5]
  • USB-MIDI converter can also use in PC, usage with vmpk
  1. connect the USB to PC USB port, connect the MIDI ports to Milkymist One.
  2. sudo apt-get install vmpk
  3. run vmpk
  4. Edit -> Conntions -> Output MIDI Connection -> USB MIDI :0
  5. press some keys under vmpk
  6. under 'MIDI settings' in Milkymist One, it will display some values
  • Useful applications under Linux jackd qjackctl qsynth rosegarden fluid-soundfont-gm vmpk

[edit] daughterboards

  • RTC, for example Seiko S-35390A (datasheet). See existing Linux drivers, and digi-key RTCs.
  • GPS
  • DSL modem
  • dual head
  • LCD and Synaptics Touchpad
  • CPLD, as a programmable test pattern generator or dummy device for analyzing FPGA behaviour (see Werner's proposal [6])
  • atben
  • SDI
  • ddr2/3
  • Artix-7
  • laser projector
  • more USB ports, try client/OTG
  • up to 12 additional DMX ports (for example to support DMX controlled LED walls with higher resolutions)
  • infrared sensor
  • scope
  • USB protocol analyzer
  • osdmoSDR
  • more line-out

[edit] leaflet

[edit] available stocks

Status of stocks:

[edit] weights

After packing everything and put the M1 box inside the FedEx medium box, the total weight is 1,958g.

  • Milkymist One PCBA without jtag-serial or memory card: 160 g
  • Milkymist One case: 295 g
  • Silicone Keyboard: 218.8 g
  • IR Remote Control (with plastic bag): 27.2 g
  • CCD Camera Set (including box): 150 g ????
  • 5V2A Replaceable Switching Power Supply Set (including US, EU, UK, AU adapters, box) for Milkymist One: 206.6 g
  • 12V300mA Replaceable Switching Power Supply Set (including US, EU, UK, AU adapters, box) for CCD Camera: 168 g
  • TRS-RCA Audio Cable 1.8m: 79 g
  • Upward 90 Degree USB Cable (for jtag/serial) 1.8 m: 41 g
  • RCA-RCA Video Cable 1.8m: 91 g
  • TRS-TRS Audio Cable 1.8m: 50.2 g
  • RJ45 CAT5E Ethernet 2.0m: 62.4 g
  • 2 GB memory card: ????
  • Leaflet: 12.4 g
  • 2 M1 stickers (old one): 1g
  • 2 M1 stickers (new one): 1g
  • FedEx Medium Box: 213 g
  • FedEx Small Box: 189 g
  • white cardbox for mm1 pcba only: 63 g
  • M1 Box (including 2 dividers): 236.2 g
  • M1 EVA: 62.2 g
  • Qi cleaner: 6.2 g

[edit] packing instructions

  • Packing Material: box, 2 pcs EVA, 2 pcs dividers
#1 box
#2 front of the box
#3 back of the box
#4 EVA and dividers
#5 back of the dividers
  • Accessories
#6 Accessories

01. silicone keyboard
02. Milkymist One switching power supply
03. CCD camera switching power supply
04. remote control
05. CCD camera
06. trs-trs audio cable
07. Qi cleaner
08. leaflet
09. Ethernet cable
10. rca-rca video cable
11. trs-rca audio cable
12. USB cable
13. 2 pc Milkymist stickers

  • Folding the box
#7 there are folding lines on the back of the box
#8 pay attention to the double folding lines
#9 fold the box
  • Labels
#10 there are 5 different labels
  • Put MADE IN TAIWAN label to the back of the box
  • Put 'CCD Camera' label around the CCD camera switching power supply cable
  • Put 'Milkmist One' label around the Milkymist One switching power supply cable
  • Assemble Milkymist One device
#14 board, case, and assembling accessories
  • Install spacers
#15 board
#16 spacers
#17 install spacers
  • Remove case film: before put case together, remove the film on top of the acrylic covers
#21 remove film
  • Put feet on the back cover: when glue the feet on the back cover, glue them about 1 to 2 mm from the screws so that both foot and screw fit through the hole of the EVA
#22 glue feet
  • Put case together
#23 insulation layer top
#24 insulation layer back
#25 case back cover
#26 put insulation on top of the case back cover. make sure insulation layer top toward up, the holes align together with the holes on the case.
#27 put board on
#28 put acrylic sides
#29 make sure the words are all facing correctly
#35 make sure the logo is at the right direction
  • Put screws on
  • Stick the labels to the back of Milkymist One device
#46 make sure the power buttons and USB plug side toward yourself
#47 first stick the mac address. make sure the lower edge of the sticker is about 4cm from the edge of the case.
#48 stick the product label right on the up side of the mac address label
  • Put device in the box
#49 put the first EVA at lower left side of the box
#50 put Milkymist One in
#51 put Qi cleaner on top of the device
#52 put the second EVA on the top
  • put accessories on top part of Milkymist One device
#53 put leaflet in
27-put-usb-and-rca rca-cables.JPG
#54 put USB and rca-rca video cables in
28-put-trs trs-cable.JPG
#55 put trs-trs audio cable in
29-put-trs rca-cable.JPG
#56 put trs-rca audio cable in
#57 put Ethernet cable in
#58 put CCD camera power supply in
32-put-milkymist one-power.JPG
#59 put Milkymist One power supply in
#60 put 8 little plug adapters in
#61 fold the big divider and put it on top
  • put accessories on right part of Milkymist One device
#62 fold keyboard cable to 15cm in length and bond it
#63 put remote control on top of the keyboard
#64 put camera on top of the remote control
#65 put cable beside the remote control and camera
#66 roll keyboard around with remote control and camera inside
#67 put rolled keyboard inside the box
#68 fold small divider and put it on top of the keyboard to cover it
  • put 2 Milkymist stickers on top of the covered device
  • close the box

[edit] HS code

The Harmonized System (HS) code is needed when shipping products through customs. The current latest edition is the 2007 Edition (upcoming edition is 2012).

The following table can help you find the correct classification for your products or shipping needs.

Section XVI is for "Machinery and mechanical appliances; electrical equipment; parts thereof; sound recorders and reproducers, television image and sound recorders and reproducers, and part and accessories of such articles" (Section Notes), and it contains

chapter 84 (WCO, zepol) "Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances; parts thereof."
Heading H.S. Code Description Examples
84.71 Automatic data processing machines and units thereof; magnetic or optical readers, machines for transcribing data onto data media in coded form and machines for processing such data, not elsewhere specified or included.
8471.30 - Portable digital automatic data processing machines, weighing not more than 10 kg, consisting of at least a central processing unit, a keyboard and a display notebook
- Other automatic data processing machines :
8471.41 -- Comprising in the same housing at least a central processing unit and an input and output unit, whether or not combined Milkymist One with or without accessories
8471.49 -- Other, presented in the form of systems
8471.50 - Processing units other than those of sub-heading 8471.41 or 8471.49, whether or not containing in the same housing one or two of the following types of unit : storage units, input units, output units
8471.60 - Input or output units, whether or not containing storage units in the same housing
8471.70 - Storage units
8471.80 - Other units of automatic data processing machines desktop PC
8471.90 - Other


chapter 85 (WCO, zepol) "Electrical machinery and equipment and parts thereof; sound recorders and reproducers, television image and sound recorders and reproducers, and parts and accessories of such articles.".
Heading H.S. Code Description Examples
85.28 Monitors and projectors, not incorporating television reception apparatus; reception apparatus for television, whether or not incorporating radio-broadcast receivers or sound or video recording or reproducing apparatus.
- Other non cathode-ray monitors :
8528.51 -- Of a kind solely or principally used in an automatic data processing system of heading 84.71 flat screen monitor
- Projectors :
8528.61 -- Of a kind solely or principally used in an automatic data processing system of heading 84.71 projector
85.31 Electric sound or visual signalling apparatus (for example, bells, sirens, indicator panels, burglar or fire alarms), other than those of heading 83.12 or 83.30.
8531.20 - Indicator panels incorporating liquid crystal devices (LCD) or light emitting diodes (LED) Monome [7]
85.43 Electrical machines and apparatus, having individual functions, not specified or included elsewhere in this Chapter.
8543.70 - Other machines and apparatus
8543.70.92 Electrical Machines With Translation Or Dictionary Functions (Import) Ben NanoNote with or without accessories
8543.90 - Parts maybe good for PCBAs, ben-wpan?

[edit] FCC Form 740

Only needed when shipping into the USA, not Canada, not Mexico, not anywhere else. Attach 3 copies of invoice plus fcc740 in the document bag outside of the package (fedex requires 3 copies). Nothing needed inside the package. Fedex lands it so they will fill in Date of Entry, Port of Entry, etc. Use recipient address for Consignee and Importer, sign with name and signature as agent of Importer. Manufacturer address on invoice and FCC 740 is Sharism HK, return address on invoice is in Taipei. Product is "Made in Taiwan".

Harmonized Tariff Number: 8471.41
Quantity of item (not container): 1
Model/Type Name or Model/Type Number: Milkymist One
Trade Name: Milkymist One
Description of Equipment: programmable video synthesizer
Manufacturer's Name and Address: sender
Importer's Name and Address: recipient
Consignee's Name and Address: recipient
Signature of Importer or Consignee: representative of sender as agent of consignee can sign
Date: 2011-mm-dd
Printed or Typed Name of Importer or Consignee: name of representative of sender acting as agent of consignee
Part II - check 'X' before 2. "An equipment authorization is not required but the equipment complies with FCC technical requirements."

[edit] Shipping and Customs

[edit] Packing

FedEx has two special boxes that offer flat rate pricing and priority delivery, the FedEx 10kg Box and the FedEx 25kg Box.

  • weight of FedEx 10kg Box ~= 1kg
  • weight of FedEx 25kg Box ~= 1.75kg
  • weight of fully packed Milkymist One retail box ~= 1.7kg
B-Fedex10kgBox-4 retailboxes.JPG
4 Milkymist One retail boxes fit into a FedEx 10kg Box.
Weight is 4 * 1.7 + 1 = 7.8 kg.
A-Fedex25kgBox-10 retailboxes.JPG
10 Milkymist One retail boxes fit into a FedEx 25kg Box.
Weight is 10 * 1.7 + 1.75 = 18.75 kg.

[edit] EAN

So for at least Amazon fulfillment, and I'd guess other fulfillment centers, there is a requirement that each product have a UPC or EAN number associated with it. I'm pretty sure this is also a requirement with most/all US (UPC) and EU (EAN) bricks-and-mortar stores, as they need something standard to scan at checkout.

For Amazon, if the UPS or EAN number is in a barcode on the outside of the packaging *AND* there is no other barcodes on the outside of the packaging, then you can send to Amazon with no modifications.

If it is not, you need to go through a process at amazon's web site to that gets you PDFs you print out on label sheets, and you have to both put those labels on each product, and make sure any other barcodes are covered up.

So you both need to register it and put it on the outside of the retail box. There are two ways to do registration:

(a) Use one of numerous low-cost bulk-sellers. They just give you a list of unique numbers, one UPC and one EAN (just a zero before the UPC for the one I used). This is what I did for Lemote's products. At least for Amazon, it worked fine.
(b) Register your company with the official organizations that dole out UPCs and/or EAN. This way your company is the registered owner of the number rather then some reseller. Practically I don't know if this matters or not from the POV of you, the manufacturer.

The EAN is a superset and accepted everywhere the UPC is, so if you do do this you'd probably want to use EAN.

Danny created the following EANs for Qi Hardware

  • Ben Nanonote - UPC 610256947815 - EAN 0610256947815
  • Milkymist One - UPC 610256947822 - EAN 0610256947822

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