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This page is the change histories during schematic phase, those info collected from schematic itself or Milkymist™. The version naming we changed its name from RC4 to R4.


[edit] R4

[edit] 20120710 R4 final

1). removed texts of "Placement (TP32, TP38-TP41) at the bottom of PCB." in Misc.SchDoc after gerber files generated.

2). text of U22: XC6SLX45-2FGG484C

3). remove L3/L19 after routes

4). USBExtPorts1 (C257...C260): if swapped the two capacitor groups, could avoid crossing the wires twice between U26 and J16. Similar with USBExtPorts2

5). removed R60 and R61, see reasons.

[edit] 20120323

1). Changed

  • swap of fpga pins W14/Y14 and W12/Y12, ref.

[edit] 20120321

1). Removed

  • R1 is not needed, ref.
  • R182 was still DNP from rc2, so remove it for M1r4, ref.

2). Changed

  • C2 from 3.3uF/0805 to 10uF/0805, ref.
  • edited J1/J2's pins 4 and 5 to same as datasheet of SCJ368R1NUS0B00G, ref.
  • J11 value from Header 3 to SCD441CPS011B00G
  • V32(DNP), V33(DNP); since there's no LNLVLOUT out in default, ref.
  • DNP for C4, C5, C7, C8, C14, C22, ref.
  • U8 value from from TSOP4838 to TSOP34838, ref.
  • NC for pins of J24.[9:10], ref.
  • invisible all TP's pin1, ref.
  • changed all varistor's symbol to be likely as diac, ref.
  • J24's p/n can be TSW-105-26-H-D-009 with omitted pin 9 keying, ref.
  • U21.AIN1-3 to VIDEOIN_AGND, U21.HS_IN/CS_IN and U21.VS_IN to DGND, U21.54 pin to NC, ref.
  • C145 to 0402 1uF, C245 to 0805 10uF, R62 to 0603 0.1W, ref.
  • the official names of pins 20 and 47 of U14/U15 are LDM/UDM, not LDQM/UDQM, ref.
  • C259, C260, C267, C269 changed to Kemet T520 Tantalum Cap 150uF, 70.0 mOhm, ref.

3). Added

[edit] 20120305

1). Removed

  • TP38 ~ 53 test points for usb port C ~ F but reserves original A, B; ref.
  • deleted net FLASH_RESET_N on U22B.P22 and moved SW_RESET_N up from U22B.P21 to U22B.P22, ref.
  • part D3, R43, ref.
  • C238, ref.
  • part SW1, SW3, R44, R46 to keep only one middle SW2 button by using state machine for the button behaviour. ref.

2). Changed

  • set U5's SN75HVD12D text visible, ref.
  • pulled HW_VER resistors R176~178 to 2V5 net. ref.
  • reset IC background changed to yellow. ref.
  • D1 with APA1606SURCK under DC-Jack (i.e. pcb bottom side), D2 is also placed pcb bottom side(i.e. under button), circuit
  • R41, R42 from 120 Ohm to 560 Ohm, ref.
  • J24.[1:2] to net 5V, U26.2 and U29.2 to net USBEXT5V, ref.
  • D14, D15, D16, D17 to surface mount type, Micro Commercial Co p/n: SMBJ5339B-TP
  • rotate in J21's orientation in schematic to corresponding with exact one on board, ref. J21/J22 connector size 10X2 pins with way to keying. Joerg suggested to cut pin 4 of J21 and pin 1 of J22. With this kind of keying, ref. Let J21.4 and J22.1 be NC, ref.
  • named net from LED2 to LED_PWR on U22A.A16 pin and connect to Q3.gate pin, ref.
  • replace C273~C277 to varistor V24~V28/AVR-M1005C080MTACB 8V 1A 33PF 0402 SMD; replace J23 with a 4 pins, cut J1:3<->2; cut J1:5<->4, connect J1:3 to net LINEIN_DET, connect J1:5<->1, cut J2:3<->2, connect J2:3 to net LINEOUT_DET, ref. 1, ref. 2
  • using flat Y1-ABMM2-24.576MHZ-E2-T to get more height between extension board and Y1.
  • R143 from 47 Ohm to 10K Ohm, C188 from 0402/1uF to 0805/10uF, see mail threads, ref.

3). Added

  • ledm:D18~D41-0605/APA1606SURCK LEDs from 3*3*2 to 3*4*2, net LED_COL3 on U22C.V13 pin, and place them on pcb bottom side, ref.
  • R229-0402/1M Ohm pullup, Q3-SOT23/2N7002MTF, this add is to change D1 circuit equipped with s/w overriding feature after power on, ref.
  • 2nd 5V power circuit(F3-MINISMDC200F-2, D16~D17-DO-214AA/SMBJ5339B-TP, C284~C285-0402/100nF, L21-1206/FBMJ3216HM600-T) for external usb circuit, ref.
  • J25 2x1 2.54mm header, J25.1 with one contact of a jumper, ref.
  • parts: Q4-SOT-23/2N7002MTF, R232-0402/10K Ohm, V31-0402/EZJ-Z0V80010; net DVI-I_HPD from Q4.Drain pin to U22A.D17 ref. 1, ref. 2
  • part V29, V30, V32, V33-0402/AVR-M1005C080MTACB on audio out LINEOUT and LNLVLOUT respectively, ref.
  • part R230~R231-0402/100 Ohm on LINEOUT path, ref. 1, ref. 2
  • part R233-0402/100K Ohm, R25-0402/100K Ohm, R23-0402/6.8K Ohm and R24-0402/6.8K Ohm to have awareness feature for audio line-in insertion/removal , ref.
  • J26, 4 pins 2.54mm header for SPDIF out, ref. 1, ref. 2
  • J27 mechanical mounting hole which same as J12 circuit. << It's a mechanism way to strengthen around J21 while user using extension board. See ref. Also added R239-1206/1M Ohm, C273-1206/4.7nF.
  • U32-MIC2090-1YM5/SOT-23-5, R235-0402/10K Ohm, see mail threads
  • TPs on LED_ROW[0:2] and LED_COL[2:3], ref.

[edit] 20120120

1). Deleted components

  • L3, L19, D16, L14 ~ L16, C202 ~ C207

2). Changed part

  • R30/R157 10K, R176 1K
  • U24 - Doides APX803-40SAG-7
  • J16/J20 - Molex 67298-4090
  • U21 - Analog Device ADV7181CBSTZ

3). DNP

  • R60,

4). Added components

  • R183/R184 4.7K, R185/DNP, C256/C257/C258 1uF, C259/C260 120uF
  • U25 74AUP1G08GW,125, U26 AP2142ASG-13

5). Added another USBExtPorts[1:2].SchDoc whole schematic sheet for external USB port C&D, USBIntPorts.SchDoc for internal USB port E&F

ref. :

[edit] RC3

[edit] 20110523 RC3 final

1). Swapped pins of U24, the pins of VIN and OUT are wrong, correct it.

[edit] 20110511

1). Deleted components

  • USB
  • Power Supply

2). Changed part

  • FPGA
 R177 mounted
 R176 DNP
 C202 ~ C207, changed to 120pF

[edit] 20110504

1). Added component/net

  • Power Supply
 F2 MINISMDC200F-2, D14/D15 1N5339BG 5.6V 5W Zener for reversed polarity/over-voltage/over-
 current protection
 TP33, 5V test point
 TP34, GND test point( one pin through hole header type, but DNP )
  • AUDIO; since audio codec changed to WM9707SCFT/V
 C255 47nF/0402, 3D high pass filter.
 C253 10uF/0805, C254 100nF/0402, CAP2 de-coupling capacitors
 U1.pin_44, SPDIF_ENABLE
 U1.pin_48, SPDIF OUT
 TP37, U9.pin_16, RP#
  • FPGA
 U24 A4809E3R-263DN, Built-in 200ms Delay Circuit Ultra-low Voltage 2.63V Detector
 D16 MSCH104H, diode
 TP35, DONE_2
 V5 ~ V7 V9MLA0402LNH,  

2). Changed wire/net/part

 U1, from LM4550BVH to WM9707SCFT/V    
 C13, from 22nF to 100nF
 J3.pin_1, from AUDIO_AGND to SPDIF OUT
 J3.pin_3, from AUDIO_AGND to GND
 J3.pin_5, from AUDIO_AGND to SPDIF_ENABLE
  • MISC.
 "SW1" -> "SW_R", "SW2" -> "SW_ON", "SW3" -> "SW_L" 
 Y2, 49US(smd) type.  

3). Do Not mount component

 C23, C24, C25, C26, C27, R26, R27; since WM9707 donesn't have the nonexistent 
 headphones amp
 R28; this 1MΩ bias resistor is not required.

[edit] RC2

[edit] 20101108 RC2 final

Changed Silkscreen text to be "20101108". You can check its design files here.

[edit] 20101102

1). Deleted component

 C247 100uF/1210 for U15

[edit] 20101028

All following items are based on

1). Deleted component

 C33/C239/C241 100uF/1210 for U14,
 C246/C249 100uF/1210 for U15

2). Do Not mount component

 R1 for LM4550B, No need. But still keep its 0402 footprint on pcb for use possibly LM4550.
 Check here.

[edit] 20101018

1). Added component

 C33/C239/C240/C241 100uF/1210 for U14, 
 C242/C243/C244/C245 100nF/0402 for U14,
 C246/C247/C248/C249 100uF/1210 for U15,
 C250/C251/C252 100nF/0402 for U15
 The above is based on RC1_signal_integrity_measurements 

[edit] 20101004

1). Added component

  • FPGA
 Add a C238/0402 capacitor placeholder between PROGRAM_B and ground to be able to delay FPGA configuration if needed.

[edit] 20100924

Those changes are based on Milkymist One RC1 Known Issues except Improving power supply immunity.

1). Added components

  • Power Supply
 To reduce audio output noise, power the LM4550 analog supply through an additional TPS76301 set to 4.3V. Chosen resistor values 
 produce a nominal voltage of 4.29V, which is sufficiently above the 4.2V limit of the LM4550. Following parts have been added.
 U23 TI/TPS76301
 100nF/(C234, C236, C237)/10%/0402/25V/X5R
 TP26 for 4V3
 Add 1KΩ/R174/1%/0402 pull-down resistor on ETH_RESET_N (specification says reset should be low during power-up)
 Add 1K/R175/1%/0402 pull-down resistor on VIDEOIN_RESET_N (the application schematics includes external POR circuitry)
  • FPGA
 In order to be able to detect board revisions, route 4 FPGA I/O pins to placeholders for 0402 pull-up resistors. The combination of 
 placed and non-placed resistors encodes the board revision. The RC2 board should be encoded as 0001 (ie place only 1 resistor) to
 distinguish it from RC1 which does not have any resistor. Use 1K resistors for pull-ups. HW_VER_0..3 connected to FPGA pins AA10, AB10, 
 Y10 and Y12 (in this order), Add 1KΩ/[R176, (DNP: R177, R178, R179)]/1%/0402
  • USB
 For USB to work reliably, 15K pull down resistors [15KΩ/(R166, R167, R170, R171)/1%/0402] must be
 installed on the D+ and D- lines of each USB port (between the 24 ohm resistors and the ports). Add 
 the possibility to make them pull-up resistors [1.5KΩ/(initially DNP: R168, R169, R172, R173)/1%/0402]
 to 3.3V (i.e. add placeholders for pull-ups) so the USB ports could work in device mode with a small 
 PCB modification. 
 Add test points [TP18 ~ 25] on the USB signals (3.3V FPGA side: VP, VM, RCV, OE) 
  • MIDI
 Add a test point TP31 at the output of the MIDI optoisolator

2). Deleted component


3). Changed wire/net

 net 5V to 4V3
 Connect P[15:8] instead of P[7:0] on the video decoder chip U21, and no change on FPGA pin assignment.

4). Changed part

  • MIDI
 The MIDI optoisolator is not suitable. Replace it with a 6N138S/6N138_X007 and lower R54 to 120Ω/1%/0402. 
 Connect pin 8 to 3.3V and leave pin 7 unconnected.
 Use red, green and blue connectors for J18/SCP662CNS257U00G. 
  • FPGA
 Add TWO 5V supply pins on the J21 GPIO expansion header.

[edit] RC1

[edit] 20100424 RC1 final

This draft2 of schematic is released by Sebastien, All changes are based on followings histories.

[edit] 20100413

Those following changes are based on Changes about Placement_0326

Added 1mm Test Points

 POWER, TP1 --> 3V3, C132
 POWER, TP2 --> 2V5, C137
 POWER, TP3 --> 1V8, C141
 POWER, TP4 --> 1V2, C151
 AUDIO, TP5 --> U1.pin_28/VREF_OUT, check if 2.2V nominal out as well as for microphone bias
 AUDIO, TP6 --> U1.pin_6/BIT_CLK, on the trace
 AUDIO, TP7 --> U1.pin_11/RESET
 AUDIO, TP8 --> U1.pin_10/SYNC, on the trace
 ETHERNET, TP9 --> U2.pin_25/INT#/PHYAD0
 VGA, TP10 --> U18.pin_36/VREF
 VIDEOIN, TP11 --> U21.pin_2/HS
 VIDEOIN, TP12 --> U21.pin_64/VS
 VIDEOIN, TP13 --> U21.pin_63/FIELD
 VIDEOIN, TP14 --> U21.pin_54/SCLK, on the trace
 VIDEOIN, TP15 --> U21.pin_53/SDA, on the trace
 MISC, TP16 --> J19.pin_1/DAT2, 0.8mm TP on the trace
 MISC, TP17 --> J19.pin_2/DAT3, 0.8mm TP on the trace
 MISC, TP18 --> J19.pin_3/CMD, 0.8mm TP on the trace
 MISC, TP19 --> J19.pin_5/CLK, 0.8mm TP on the trace
 MISC, TP20 --> J19.pin_7/DAT0, 0.8mm TP on the trace
 MISC, TP21 --> J19.pin_8/DAT1, 0.8mm TP on the trace

[edit] 20100406

1). Changed component

 Let L1/27uH to be 0 ohm resistor, L1 was required with the LM4550, but is not required or recommended with the LM4550B. See page 10 of National Semi. AN1528.
L19/FB/0402 --> change footprint to 1206

The following changes are based on [Milkymist-devel] Placement_0326.

1). Added components

  • FPGA
 100Ω/R164/1%/0402 & 100Ω/R165/1%/0402

-- Header/2X8/2.54mm Pitch/, pins assignment depends on routing.

 3V3 * 2 pins                    
 U22.pin_A20, IO_L20P_1                     
 U22.pin_A21, IO_L20N_1                      
 U22.pin_B21, IO_L19P_1                      
 U22.pin_B22, IO_L19N_1                      
 U22.pin_G16, IO_L9P_1                      
 U22.pin_G17, IO_L9N_1                      
 U22.pin_F16, IO_L10P_1                      
 U22.pin_F17, IO_L10N_1
 U22.pin_H16, IO_L28P_1
 U22.pin_H17, IO_L28N_VREF_1
 U22.pin_J16, IO_L21N_1
 U22.pin_K16, IO_L21P_1                      
 GND * 2 pins

2). Deleted component


3). Deleted wire/net

  • FPGA
 U22.pin_B20/IO_L1N_A24_VREF_1 <-- FLASH_A24 --> U9.pin_32/A0

4). Changed wire/net

  • USB
 U16.pin_2/SPD <-- USBA_SPD --> U22.pin_Y5/IO_L54P_2
 U16.pin_9/OE# <-- USBA_OE_N --> U22.pin_Y6/IO_L53N_2

 U21.pin_53/SDA <-- VIDEOIN_SDA --> U22.pin_AB17/IO_L15N_2                                      
 U21.pin_54/SCLK <-- VIDEOIN_SDC --> U22.pin_AA14/IO_L16P_2                                      
 U21.pin_63/FIELD <-- VIDEOIN_FIELD --> U22.pin_AB14/IO_L16N_VREF_2
 connected U9.pin_31/BYTE# <----> VCCO_1 (3V3)
 U9.pin_32/A0 <----> GND
 U9.pin_28/A1 <-- FLASH_A0 --> U22.pin_L22/IO_L45N_A0_M1LDQSN_1
 U9.pin_56/A24 <-- FLASH_A23 --> U22.pin_D19/IO_L29P_A23_M1A13_1
 U9.pin_34/DQ8 <-- FLASH_D8 --> U22.pin_AA2/IO_L64P_D8_2                                                    
 U9.pin_36/DQ9 <-- FLASH_D9 --> U22.pin_AB2/IO_L64N_D9_2                                                   
 U9.pin_39/DQ10 <-- FLASH_D10 --> U22.pin_V15/IO_L13N_D10_2                                                  
 U9.pin_41/DQ11 <-- FLASH_D11 --> U22.pin_AA18/IO_L14P_D11_2
 U9.pin_45/DQ12 <-- FLASH_D12 --> U22.pin_AB18/IO_L14N_D12_2
 U9.pin_47/DQ13 <-- FLASH_D13 --> U22.pin_Y13/IO_L30P_GCLK1_D13_2                                                  
 U9.pin_50/DQ14 <-- FLASH_D14 --> U22.pin_AA12/IO_L31P_GCLK31_D14_2
 U9.pin_52/DQ15 <-- FLASH_D15 --> U22.pin_AB12/IO_L31N_GCLK30_D15_2

[edit] 20100130

1). Deleted:

  • Ethernet
 R39 10K to set COL/RMII,
  • Power Supply
 C135 1uF which located between U10 Vout and C133,
 C149 10uF which located between R67 and C148,

2). Changed:

  • Ethernet
 R36 & R38 330 Ohms--> 220 Ohms,
 C46 100nF --> 4.7nF,
  • VGA
 R142 530 Ohms--> 560 Ohms,
  • Video Decoder
 C225 & C226 18pF --> 33pF,
 C225 analog ground --> digital ground,
  • Misc.
 D1 power supply 2V5 --> 3V3,
  • Power Supply
 R62 2.33K --> 2.32K,
 U13 pin 2 IN 2V5 --> net between C139 and C136,
 C144 47uF --> 10uF,

3). Added:

  • DMX -- D6~D13 BZX84 on DMX ports signals path,
  • Misc. -- J19 microSD socket,
  • USB -- F1 PTC,
  • VGA -- R156 1M & C135 4.7uF,
  • Video Decoder -- net between C198 positive polarity and CAPY2,
  • FPGA sheet,

[edit] 20100103

1). First Release draft without FPGA sheet

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