Milkymist One RC3 PCB Specification

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[edit] PCB Specification

MM1 RC3 pcb definition of stack up which is same as RC2 and RC1.

In general, your pcb specifications needed to be defined well at initial stage of kicking off project. So you can just list specifications as below with your final gerber files enclosed an engineering confirmation checklist, and all send them out. Your pcb maker will make pcb for you. Please note, pcb manufacturers after receiving gerber, usually a more detailed breakdown of the production of works recognized.

  • Six Layers PCB
  • Board Dimensions 150mm x 125mm in piece, 158mm x 133mm in panel
  • 10mil drill via hole pth
  • top & bot line width/line clearance, 5mils/5mils
  • top & bot 5mil annular rings
  • 1.6mm +- 0.05 mm thickness.
  • FR4
  • Components placed on TOP & BOT layer.
  • Stacking of layers: 1st layer Top/Compnents/Signals, 2nd layer Gnd, 3rd layer Signal, 4th layer Gnd, 5th layer Power, 6th layer Bottom/Components/Signals.

[edit] Board Layout

The gerber files and drill file are under

The design files are under

[edit] PCB & Parts Reference

[edit] Different Views of Milkymist One board

[edit] QA Outgoing Inspection Report from PCB maker

The following inspections based on your data sent to pcb maker. Those details of inspection report would exactly more than yours.

New Heart Corporation Outgoing Report PDF file.

Design File in PDF

[edit] Micro Section of PCB

[edit] Notification

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