Milkymist One RC1 Footprint Reviews

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  • 20100318

1), U1, U2, U18, part --> 48-LQFP; pcb file --> 48-TQFP

2), 2.2uF(0805)/3.3uF(0805)/4.7uF(0805)/10uF(0805), part --> MLCC; pcb file --> polarized 0805

3), Header(J3, J5), will be given the part number soon, it's popular

4), J4, part --> pin 13/14 hole size 1.63mm, pcb file --> 1mm, will do co-layout for cross-reference.

5), C46, voltage rating = 500V? This part is still surveying.--> To find working voltage 250V

6), 100uF(1210), part --> Ceramic chip X5R, pcb file --> polarized 1210

7), J19, pcb file --> pin1 in wrong position in top side, in correct position in bottom side. which side you prefer?

8), U8, footprint will be change to meet the semicircle body.

9), J9, J10, part datasheet (5way 45 degrees) doesn't illustrate well

10), J8, need confirm on datasheet

11), 47uF(1210), part --> MLCC; pcb file --> polarized 1210

12), D5, part --> SOT-23-3; pcb file --> 0402POL, will change this

13), J17, footprint will be change to meet datasheet illustration.

14), U21, part --> 64-LQFP; pin 1~16 pitch is not correct, will change.

15), J18, footprint pin5/3/1 is not on the right position even they are all GND.

16), Schematic page VideoIn, 10uF, 0805, part --> 0805; pcb file --> 0402POL

17), L8, part --> 0402 (300mA), this part located in 2V5 power loop; this must be wrong, should use like L7 (1210) same part.

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