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Milkymist One is a copyleft hardware video synthesizer. This is the homepage of the manufacturing and hardware project.

You find information about schematics, layout, case, BOM, suppliers, manufacturing process and software, errata, production schedules, accessories, marketing material and marketing leads in this wiki, all copylefted. Please help improve the wiki, it is editable by anyone.

Milkymist One renders MilkDrop-esque visuals effects in real time, with a high level of interaction with many sensors and using live audio and video streams as a base. Milkymist™ is more than a visual synthesizer - it is also one of the leading free system-on-chip designs. It is today the fastest free system-on-chip capable of running Linux, and it comes with an extensive set of features and graphics accelerators. Advanced users can modify the design, which permits compact integration of many interfaces (MIDI, DMX512, analog sensors, video inputs), making Milkymist™ a platform of choice for the mobile VJ.

For a quick high-level introduction to Milkymist, click through the 37-slides presentation by Yann Sionneau, or read Sebastien's 6-page technical introduction paper. For a bottom-up introduction, you might want to start with the schematics (PDF).

Nocarrier Emily IMG 6075.ogv
Milkymist One running

[edit] Features

Milkymist One Block Diagram
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Manufacturing Design
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[edit] Screenshots more

Video-in Performance
360x288 Video-in(Screen:1024x768)
8bitstarfield Performance

[edit] References

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