Milkymist JTAG-serial daughterboard

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JTAG-serial daughterboard on Milkymist One RC1

[edit] notes (need to be cleaned up)

  • never hot-plug the daughterboard, both Milkymist One and daughterboard need to be powered off when they are being connected
  • after pluggin in USB, power LED at bottom left should always be on
  • Depending on your Linux version, the daughterboard will appear as either one or two /dev/ttyUSB* devices. If two devices appear, the first one corresponds to the JTAG interface, and is not directly usable, the second one implements a serial interface to the MM1 SOC. On newer Linuxes that know the MM1-JTAG's USB-ID, only the second device (the serial console) appears.
  • Connect to the console via gtkterm -p /dev/ttyUSB1 -s 115200 (use /dev/ttyUSB0 with newer Linuxes), then try
 % help
 % ls
 % ... (see commands with 'help')
  • run ls, check that tx and rx leds are working
  • Now you can also to access the JTAG interface via xc3sprog -c ftdi (need to run as root). Check that Desc: is XC6SLX45.
  • For programming the MM1-JTAG interface itself, use:
 FTDI - FT Prog (also works when daughterboard is not connected to Milkymist One).  Need to change: PID, VID, Description; 
    • Manufacturer: FTDI (default), Sharism, Milkymist?
    • Product description: Milkymist JTAG/serial
    • SERIAL: to distinguish between multiple devices connected at the same time
    • SerialNumber / Auto Generate Serial
  • Hardware Specific, Port A, Hardware, from RS232 UART to 245 FIFO (maybe) (others: CPU FIFO, OPTO Isolate)
  • When USB is connected, but not the M1 board, connecting with gtkterm and, pressing enter will make TX led blink
    • left one = tx = send to m1 board
    • right one = rx = receive from m1 board
    • xc3sprog: error will be "No JTAG Chain found" (otherwise: "Could not find USB dongle")
  • it took Yanjun Luo 1h/board for manual mounting
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