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Milkymist One
Reconfigurable Computer, 80+ sold, shop
Ben NanoNote
Pocket Computer, 1300+ sold, how to buy

Qi Hardware is sharing hardware.

We document all steps necessary to build hardware so anyone may join us or reproduce our hardware.

The ultimate goals are:

  • to bring people together to share
  • to fully document our hardware platform
  • to share plans + software for manufacturing

Do it by yourself? Let's share together!

Some pictures of our work, read News for more...

News On Sale Platforms
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Updated Qi Hardware Logo
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Background info: Why buy copyleft hardware?

You can manufacture and sell your own products using these platforms, see the Projects Server for all projects.

Background info: Why make and sell copyleft hardware?

Follow Concepts Goals

You can say your product is Qi hardware if it has:

  • Permissive Plans (CC BY-SA): Plans to manufacture the device and permission to modify.
  • Copyleft Software (GPL): Software to use the device and to construct it from the plans.
  • Patent-Free: Patents free and clear for technology on the device.

The goal of Qi is to have 100% Copyleft Hardware.

  • phone, wall computer, notebook, pocket computer, camera, machine vision, lighting, industry, medical, creative, wearable computing, mobility, education, scientific, research, home automation, networking, entertainment, fun

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