Layout notes avt2 RC2 20091230

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´╗┐The following itemized numbers are based on last Layout notes avt2 RC2 20091207 file:

2, You can put more GND "through vil" surrounding as close the GND pin of U2 & U3 as possible. The following pictures shown the dash lines which are hypothetically shortest path return current can flow, so if we can put some vils to let in/out path for keeping equivalent current as shortest way. That would be better. The current goes its shorest way where we can control its flow goes to.

how current flow
in/out current

so we can do like following picture to add more vils near GND pads.

add more vils

10, First reference section of Bypass Capacitor Sequencing, putting bypass capacitor between source and target, and close to target as possible.

bypass capacitor

11, +VBAT trace, should keep the same width of trace.

keep same width

12, In keep_same_width.jpg, N-000020, is the Q1 (S pin) or D2, the width should be wider and can put THREE 0.0197" through vils to connect another trace. We normally pull a width same as pad's width of component in power functional block especially. Please see the Ben and RC1's pcb for example.

13, In keep_same_width.jpg, is it possible to let GND pin of Battery connector to be a solid trace not thermal one in Kicad? And put 4 ~ 5 0.0118" vils close to GND pin as possible. This GND pad must have a big copper which flows return current on whole board.


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